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Jump King Platformer Game Launch

Nexile is filled with excitement as their debut title Jump King launches as a 2D platformer on both Steam and today, May 3rd, 2019.

Legend has it that a “Smoking Hot Babe” resides at the top of a vertical climb that requires a series of jumps. The mechanics themselves are deceptively simple. There are three buttons, left, right, and jump.

Jump King Release Trailer

However, the actual gameplay requires so more more than mere simple left, right, and jump. Each jump must be perfectly timed and charged based off the distance and height of the platforms. Once a player leaves the ground the trajectory is set and a cannot be changed.

The game features pixel graphics a fantastic ambiance and atmosphere for players as they progress along the path to the top. Much like other punishing-platformers in the genre players should expect to spend time learning the jumps while suffering an occasional face-plant into the ground. These setbacks, however, will make victory taste so much better.

Reviewers who have received pre-release keys have developed a love-hate relationship with Jump King. The game has been described as “the best Foddy-Like since Getting Over It.”

Jump King is now available on Steam and for $12.99 USD for Window PC. More information can be found on the game’s website at

Nexile (@nexilegames Twitter) is a four-person game development company based in Sweden. Their first commercial title is Jump King. The four young developers met during their studies at Uppsala University in Gotland, Sweden. Their goal is to make a name for their studio and become known as an innovative developer.