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Bug Academy Release Sends Bugs to School

From developer Igrek Games and publishers Gaming Factory S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. comes a 2.5D arcade bug training experience in Bug Academy.

After a successful Kickstarter funding campaign in January of 2019, Bug Academy is now ready for release. In the game, different insects including flies, fireflies, mosquitoes, and bees are trained to do different tasks. Covering various situations of insect life, the game puts insects to work guarding animals in pastures, working in mines, putting out fires, catching ghosts, painting pictures, and firing rockets into space.

Bug Academy allows you to control insects and even their entire swarm. The goal is to perform tasks the best or the fastest. The gameplay is quick and intense. What is important is that the vast majority of elements are distinguished by their interactivity – they can be destroyed, moved or grabbed. The insects themselves are also diverse because each species has special abilities.

Jacek Perzanowsk, Igrek Games Founder and Bug Academy Creator

The main features of Bug Academy include the training of insects to complete tasks such as those mentioned previously in a manner of cheerful chaos using physics. Gameplay is intensive and full of humor from the silly faces of the various insect actors to bug filled whimsical soundtrack. There are 33 different levels and lessons to train the various insects with charming graphics.

In Bug Academy players are placed in a very interactive world full of charming graphics and an original soundtrack full of insect sounds. All of this is saturated with light humor and a feeling of joyful chaos, which should appeal to both younger and older players.

Jacek Perzanowsk, Igrek Games Founder and Bug Academy Creator

Bug Academy is now available on Steam at a price of $9.99 USD. A special launch promotion 10% discount runs until January 21, 2020. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for Q1 2020 and according to the publishers the appearance of Bug Academy on other consoles has not be ruled out.

Bug Academy – Launch Trailer | Ultimate Games S.A.

Igrek Games (@IgrekGames Twitter) is a small indie game development studio from northern Poland. The studio was founded by Jacek “Igrek” Perzanowski, who has been making games since 2010. He previously created Blosics, a game about blocks, physics, and joyful destruction that has been played more than 40 million times on the web and over 2 million mobile downloads.

Ultimate Games S.A. is a publisher based in Warsaw, Poland. The company helps bring video games to market through specializing in the production and distribution of titles for various platforms such as PC, mobile, and current gen consoles. In 2016, Ultimate games acquired a significant investor, PlayWay SA, who is a leading producer and publisher of computer games in Poland.

Gaming Factory S.A. is a Warsaw, Poland company that offers invaluable knowledge in the field of production, publishing, and commercialization of computer, mobile, and console games. Their many years of industry experience allows the company to financially support select projects and is currently working on the production of over 30 PC games. Their subsidiary Black Rose Projects ports games to consoles.