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Bug Academy Set for January 2020 Release Date

Igrek Games along with their publisher’s Ultimate Games and Gaming Factory have set a January 2020 release date for the whimsical insect school Bug Academy.

Imagine an insect based moving company. What would that look like? Well Bug Academy did and so much more. At Bug Academy players control a swarm of insects to perform various tasks. With the simple gameplay concept comes crazy and often comical fun.

Players will be tasked to control their swarm of flies, fireflies, mosquitoes, or bees to pass through various challenges laid out at the academy. Each bug type has 7 levels. There are 4 hidden bonus levels and a final exam level. These levels take place across 10 different graphical environments that includes forests, cities, caves, and space.

Challenges or tasks consist of things like herding cattle back into their pin or delivering appliances such as refrigerators to their destination. Other times it might be pulling off a jewel heist, building some type of a structure, or painting a masterpiece. Just be sure to wake up the sleepy insects.

In addition the release will contain 28 hats to unlock and 32 achievements alongside a Steam leaderboard for each of the levels. There are 15 songs to go along with the goofy fun that are made of squeaks, buzzes, and other insect noises.

Back in mid-January of this year, Bug Academy, launched their Kickstarter campaign and received successful backing before the campaign ended.

Bug Academy’s release date is schedule for January, 14, 2020 and will be available on Steam. According to Update #11 posted on the game’s Kickstarter page, a free demo is coming in a few days that will be available to everyone. In addition backers will be receiving their keys some point before January 14.

Bug Academy Trailer 2 | Igrek Games

Igrek Games (@IgrekGames Twitter) is a small indie game development studio from northern Poland. The studio was founded by Jacek “Igrek” Perzanowski, who has been making games since 2010. He previously created Blosics, a game about blocks, physics, and joyful destruction that has been played more than 40 million times on the web and over 2 million mobile downloads.

Ultimate Games S.A. is a publisher based in Warsaw, Poland. The company helps bring video games to market through specializing in the production and distribution of titles for various platforms such as PC, mobile, and current gen consoles. In 2016, Ultimate games acquired a significant investor, PlayWay SA, who is a leading producer and publisher of computer games in Poland.

Gaming Factory S.A. is a Warsaw, Poland company that offers invaluable knowledge in the field of production, publishing, and commercialization of computer, mobile, and console games. Their many years of industry experience allows the company to financially support select projects and is currently working on the production of over 30 PC games. Their subsidiary Black Rose Projects ports games to consoles.