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Bug Academy Hits Funding Goal on Kickstarter

The video game where insects learn various to do various tasks, Bug Academy from Igrek Games have passed the initial funding goal on their Kickstarter campaign.

Bug Academy is the only school in the world for insects. At Bug Academy various insects learn how to heard cattle, move large appliances, make deliveries, fight fires, and even explore space in their classes.

A delightfully whimsical musical score follows accompanies the gameplay as players perform various tasks using the the insects that are being trained. From the cattle to the various insects the 2.5D graphics have a very fitting look and feel to the complete chaos and mayhem caused by the insects during their classes.

In the Bug Academy demo flies and fire flies are available in a handful scenarios that include apartment appliance delivery, collecting gems from a mine, herding cattle, and building a tower. A brief tutorial is also available. Note that the demo is available to anyone who backs the project.

Stretch goals are presented in the form of a “Goal Giraffe” that has several tiers including more classes, new biome, more language support, new bugs, multiplayer support, and console support.

The Bug Academy Kickstarter campaign will run until 9:14 AM PST on Saturday, February 16, 2019. To support this project visit the Bug Academy Kickstarter page. Estimated game release is December 2019.

Players can also add Bug Academy to their Steam wishlist.

Igrek Games (@IgrekGames Twitter) is a small indie game development studio from northern Poland. Bug Academy is published by PlayWay S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. both of Poland.