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Weekly Rewind: November 9, 2019

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for November 9, 2019. This past week 7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual and The Sapling were announced. Also Dog Duty is still holding its free to play week that ends soon. Lastly, Astroneer gave a sneak peak of things to come in November.

7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual

Indie developer RunAroundGames dropped some details about its upcoming early access title 7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual. This past Wednesday the studio the explained basic gameplay details for the asymmetrical 4v1 multiplayer game and a date for its mid-November Kickstarter.

Four players take on the role of villagers who must perform an ancient ritual by searching a forest for stones. In the forest is the one player who is the monster. The monster uses special abilities to hunt down the villagers and stop the ritual. This gives each match the opportunity for unique and fun gameplay moments.

Performance in each match dictates how much experience points a player earns. The points are used to buy boosters form the character menu. Players can also customize their looks to have that right style they desire in Vayandor an East European stylized medieval fantasy realm.

7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual is set to launch its Kickstarter campaign on November 12, 2019 and is expected to enter into a Closed Beta on January 5, 2020. All campaign backers and play session volunteers will be receiving Closed Beta invites. Players can add the game to their wishlist now on Steam.

7 Bones and 7 Stones – The Ritual – Villager Trailer | RunAroundGames

The Sapling Coming Mid December

Solo developer Wessel Stoop on Thursday dropped details for a long-term project of his called The Sapling. In the game players take part in an evolution sim where they can design plants and animals.

A first look video has been provided to show how a player starts off on the island world where they can create a basic plant. From there they can evolve or design better plants. After mastering plant design, players can try their hand at designing animals and even specify what the animal should do when seeing or hearing something with an instinct system.

In the sandbox mode a special random mutation feature can be enabled. This allows players to watch as newborn plants and animals gain mutations letting natural selection work.

The Sapling is scheduled to be released December 12, 2019 on Steam, Itch, Gamejolt, and Kartridge for Windows and Linux at a suggested price of $7.00 USD. In the coming weeks more information is scheduled for release about The Sapling with all the latest game information being found at or @thesaplinggame on Twitter.

The Sapling – Evolution Sim First Look | Wessel Stoop

Dog Duty Free Week Ending Soon

Dog Duty is a real time tactics game from indie team Zanardi & Liza and publisher SOEDESCO. Currently until November 11 a free to play week is underway for the early access title.

In the game players control a squad of misfits. An evil army of squids with their Octopus Commander is threatening world peace. It is up for this motley crew to liberate outposts, defeat epic bosses, and kill the Octopus Commander saving the world.

Gameplay is an arcade-like and fast-paced combat shooter. Players will find themselves in all sorts of combat situations from fighting on top of moving vehicles to all out guerrilla warfare.

Dog Duty is available for free to play on Steam from now until 10 AM Pacific, November 11, 2019. Currently in early access, the game is available for purchase at a price of $9.99 USD. A special promotion on Steam runs until November 11 discounting the game down to $7.99 USD.

Dog Duty – Early Access Trailer | SOEDESCO

Astroneer November Update

Announced last month from System Era Softworks were two important things coming in November. First is Astroneer lands on the PS4 November 15 with a PS4 only suit. Xbox players are getting some sort of a cosmetic unique thing as well, but it is currently unknown what this will be. The second is a Creative Update is coming at some point.

This past week Joe Tirado took to Twitch to give us some details. The first is servers. Sadly for a lot of player, dedicated servers have been delayed. Server code will ship in 2020 after a closed beta test in December 2019.

What has been learned is that players can host their own servers on their pc or pay for server hosting. There are no land claims A whole new in game UI for server management is there. Servers have a maximum of 8 players. More details for console servers will come later.

More talk about multiplayer co-op mode will see some love in the future. A push for performance enhancements are to come as time goes forward. The performance overhaul is going to happen sometime after December.

In Creative Mode the terrain tool has seen a redesign. It is larger and new color sampling tools are available. There is also a flying around feature letting players move around easily along with several other special features for Creative Mode.

Unfortunately True Flat 2.0 is not ready for the November 15 update and will come at later date. A big fix has came for terrain desyncing, but it comes at a cost. Players who have saves with large terrain areas that have been changed, there is a possibility that some of the terrain may come back. This is a one time deal and once the terrain is removed after it is gone for good.

A blog post is expected in the next week with more details about the Creative Update. Also more about the December update have been leaked with the update focusing on some sort of a community goal. Remember that the Atrox spooky plant-life event ends on November 14 so be sure to check it out and unlock a special visor reward.

Astroneer is currently available on Humble Bundle and Steam for PC and the Xbox One at a price of $29.99 USD. PS4 owners on November 15, 2019 will see Astroneer launch on the platform.

That is all for the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for the week of November 9, 2019. Be sure to check back next Saturday for the latest edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind.

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