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The Sapling Fight & Flight Update

An extended combat system, gliding, and more importantly wings take flight in the Fight & Flight update for Wessel Stoop’s The Sapling. This is the second update to the low-poly life evolution simulation game that follows the Flower Update released late last summer.

In the update there is a large extension of the game. Eggs, scales, beaks, fur, feathers, and family trees have been added in addition to the extended combat system, gliding, and feathers. The Fight & Flight trailer showcases many of the new features. Large body sizes for plants and animals are available. In sandbox mode the soil can be edited.

Family trees allow for one to see how a species has evolved. Attacking instincts and defense allow for animals and plants to attack and defend themselves. Instinct and sense visualization features enables players to see and hear what the creatures see and hear.

Creatures can now sit in trees while others can take to the skies and glide or fly with their wings. The Fight & Flight update launched on June 15. Leading up to the update launch, the game’s developer Wessel Stoop released a series of developer logs that explained many of the new features in great detail. In the near future a final video devlog for this update will be released. A playlist for these developer logs can be viewed on The Sapling YouTube channel here.

The Sapling along with the Fight & Flight Update is available on Windows and Linux PC through Steam early access for $7.99 USD. The game is also available on and other digital distributors including Gamejolt and Kartridge. More information about The Sapling can be found by following @thesaplinggame on Twitter or visiting the game’s website

The Sapling: Fight & Flight Update Trailer | Wessel Stoop

Wessel Stoop is an indie game developer based in Nijmegen, a city located in The Netherlands. Since 2002 Stoop desired to play a simulation game where players could build their own plants and animals which lead to The Sapling being created to satisfy this desire.