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Dog Duty Free to Play This Week

Indie title, Dog Duty, a real time tactics game, will be free to play and try for everyone this week on Steam. During this free week, players have a chance to take down evil octo-bosses and provide feedback to SOEDESCO, the game’s publisher.

In Dog Duty, players control a squad of misfits who take on some baddies looking to disrupt world peace. The antagonists are an army of squids and its Octopus Commander. It is up to this ragtag crew to liberate outposts, defeat epic bosses, and eventually kill the evil Octopus Commander.

The game is an arcade-like fast-paced real time tactics combat shooter. Set in a pixelated world players will find themselves in all sorts of combat action whether it be fighting on top of a moving vehicles or all out guerrilla warfare. With each victory comes another liberated island outpost.

New playable characters and enemies, such as the octo-copter and octo-officers have been added. Community feedback is important and already resulted ins several updates and changes that help create a more integrated game world. With the free to try week, SOEDESCO is also providing a survey that gives players the opportunity to provide feedback on which language they would like to see supported in the game.

Dog Duty is available for free to play on Steam from 10 AM Pacific, November 4 until 10 AM Pacific, November 11, 2019. The game is currently in Early Access and is available for purchase at a price of $9.99 USD. A special promotion on Steam runs until November 11 discounting the game down to $7.99 USD. More information about Dog Duty can be found on the publisher’s website here.

Dog Duty – Early Access Trailer | SOEDESCO

SOEDESCO (@SOEDESCO Twitter) is a worldwide publisher of both digital and physical boxed games on multiple platforms. Founded in 2002, the company’s headquarters are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The company’s portfolio includes titles such as Owlboy, Among the sleep, Dollhouse, and Teslagrad.

Zanardi & Liza (@zanardiliza Twitter) is a two-person game development studio and couple based in Brazil. Founded in 2011, the studio started developing licensed games for flash portals such as NewGrounds, Spillgames and Nickelodeon. Currently the studio focuses on Dog Duty, a five-year-old project that’s driven by the couple’s spirit and personal experiences.

Update August 15, 2020: Added update link to Dog Duty on the SOEDESCO website.