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Weekly Rewind: October 26, 2019

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for October 26, 2019. Over this past week gamers saw the long awaited Paver come to Astroneer in the Groundwork Update and one can create their own religion in the latest Godhood update. Nanotale and 10 Miles to Safety both entered early access while Conglomerate 451 released an updated early access roadmap. Keep reading below for more about these stories of the past week.

Astroneer – Groundwork Update

The Paver is here! The Paver is here! Shout it from the mountaintops of Sylva, the Paver is here! An often community requested feature, the Paver, has finally arrived in the Groundwork Update for Astroneer from System Era.

However, the Paver was not the only addition to Astroneer. A Medium Canister for soil along with a Small Trumpet Horn, Medium Buggy Horn, and Large Fog Horn are available. Players can now toot their own horn as they pave a patch, track, or other creative ideas in their vehicles that have improved controls and UI.

Lastly there is something scary going on with the flora of Atrox. Players who login before November 14 to see what is happening will receive a new visor and suit palette. Plus there is a new unlockable visor associated with the limited time event.

A full list of the changes, additions, and bug fixes in the Groundwork Update is available on the System Era forums.

Astroneer is currently available on Humble Bundle or Steam for PC and the Xbox One for $29.99 USD. PS4 owners can enjoy Astroneer on November 15, 2019 when the game launches on that platform. The Groundwork Update for Astroneer was made available this past Thursday on October 24.

Astroneer - Groundwork Update | System Era Softworks
Astroneer – Groundwork Update | System Era Softworks

Godhood – Create Your Own Religion

Abbey Games is at it again with another update to their management god game Godhood. The Create Your Own Religion update is the third free major update in a series of updates to the early access title that includes the Will of the People from last August and The Old One Rising updates.

In this update players will see an enhancement to the core game experience of Godhood. A brand-new tech tree, a major visual overhaul, new religious customizations options, and the highly requested cat worshiping and funeral rites mechanics. In other words followers can now opt to consume their dead.

A new Crystal Skull mechanic changes how Sacraments work. More specific they dictate when a player can imitate the Sacrament battles. In addition, battles have been updates with a new initiative system and disciple targeting stances. The world map was also reworked and now displays high-scores.

The world itself has had a substantial graphics make-over. A host of new visual touches help to bring out the life and detail of a player’s village, buildings, and followers. Over 90 hand-crafted illustrations have been added that show how a players customized religion develops with each important milestone.

Godhood is currently in Early Access on Steam and GOG for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the regular price of $26.99 USD. More information about the game can be found on the Abbey Games community forum page for Godhood.

Godhood – Create Your Own Religion Milestone Update Trailer | Abbey Games

Nanotale – Early Access Details

The newest adventure in the Typing Chronicles franchise comes in Nanotale from Fishing Cactus. Something has happened to the heat of magic and the world is in dire need of help.

In this early access typing RPG adventure players take on the role of a young archivist tasked with cataloging samples and mysteries within a magical world. The atmospheric world is dying and maybe with the help of these cataloged clues will the story reveal secrets behind the looming end of the world.

Everything in the game from the menus to NPC interaction and even fighting enemies are all done through typing. Players can type in their native supported language and also supports several keyboard layouts.

Nanotale is now available on Steam as an early access title for $14.99 USD. The commercial release is slated for 2020. For the most up-to-date information about Nanotale visit the game’s website at or follow @nanotalegame on Twitter.

Nanotale – Early Access Trailer | Fishing Cactus

10 Miles to Safety – Can You Make It?

Indie developer Trickjump Games has launched their top-down action and strategy filled game into early access this past Monday.

In 10 Miles to Safety players are tasked with a simple goal; can they make it 10 miles? While 10 miles may seem easy, players will face-off against a limitless procedurally generated world full of The Infected. Of course the world is also packed with the tools and weapons to fight them.

Described as a unique roaming tower defense, players during the day must loot, looking for new weapons, gear, building blueprints, and crafting recipes. At night players need to find a defensible spot and build their way to surviving the deadly creatures of the dark.

10 Miles to Safety is available as an early access title on Steam for $12.99 USD. The latest information on the game can be found on its website or follow the developer’s Twitter feed @TrickjumpGames.

10 Miles to Safety Trailer #1 | Trickjump Games

Conglomerate 451 – Updated Roadmap

Developer RuneHeads and publisher 1C Entertainment released an updated roadmap for the cyberpunk dungeon crawler Conglomerate 451. Posted this past Friday, the development roadmap outlines the rest of early access to full release.

The most notable change on the development roadmap is the game’s launch release is being delayed. Originally set for an October 2019 release, Conglomerate 451 is now being delayed until February 2020. This delay is in response to the help from the community and is being used as an opportunity to improve existing gameplay, add new content, and update features to better server players.

Currently the developers are working on quality of life features, more loot, new collectibles, and better rewards. This includes a new intro cut scene, new boss, operator dialogues, story mode, side missions, and localizations.

Conglomerate 451 is now available in early access on Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. The latest information about the game can be found on its website or follow the developers Twitter @RuneHeads.

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