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Arcade Tycoon Early Access This Thursday

Arcade Tycoon, an arcade management simulation is setting up shop, turning on the machines, and entering early access this Thursday.

Developers Squidpunch Studios and Vincent King Studios have announced leading up to the early access launch that there are already 30,000 players following the game. In addition there have been over 4,000 requests on Keymailer making Arcade Tycoon the second ranked game on the site.

Featuring a world of classic isometric pixel art, Arcade Tycoon, lets players design, manage, and build an epic arcade of their dreams. With a wide variety of content and customization options players can both dazzle and delight their customers.

Through decorations on all aspects such as floors, walls, pictures, facilities, and attractions, players can create unique themed areas. A variety of entertainment options are available that includes consoles, pinball, crazy golf, retro, modern day, shooters, pool, ice hockey, virtual reality, and much more.

However, with any real world business comes certain challenges. Customers can be slobs. They can drop litter, be sick, desire certain machines, food and drink access, and even poo themselves. With such a large volume of customers certain facilities, concerns, and chores need to be addressed.

And don’t forget about crime. Different types of criminal activity may threaten the arcade from gangs causing destruction to non-paying giant bugs. Options to deal with these issues range from hiring the mafia to unlocking new tech.

A tech tree in game is accessible in the form of a catalog of unlockables, upgrade machines, and Winnie Blue Eye’s Best Buys. All of these help the arcade run smoothly and allow research that makes the arcade more amazing and entertaining.

Employees are needed. In fact a range of staff is need with wages depending on their skill levels. Security, cleaners, technicians, and entertainers are some of the jobs that are required to run a smooth and efficient arcade that keeps guests happy and makes the player an Arcade Tycoon.

Other features include power management, guests who interact with machines in humorous ways, guest mood system, multiple difficulty levels, and detailed finance pages that indicate profit and losses.

Currently the developers are working on the campaign. The tutorial and sandbox modes are available to play. Only English language localization is available with more coming next year. Leading up to Christmas the developers are working on mafia protection, thieves and robbers, and characters that include nuns, cowboys, and kids, as well as challenge modes and objectives. Known bugs include guests who walk into the road when blocked in and adjustments to the tutorial.

Originally set for a late August date, Arcade Tycoon is available in early access Thursday, September 12, 2019 at a price of $18.99 USD on Steam. For the latest information visit the game’s website at, follow @thearcadetycoon on Twitter, or join the Arcade Tycoon Discord.

Arcade Tycoon New 2019 Trailer | Squid Punch Studios and Vincent King Studios

Vincent King Studios was founded in 2016 and is based in the United Kingdom. Arcade Tycoon held a successful Kickstarter campaign to help finish the final leg of the game’s development in April 2019.