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Arcade Tycoon Ready for Early Access in August

Start off with a simple retro garage arcade and then build an empire when Arcade Tycoon hits Early Access this August.

Developed by Vincent King Studios alongside Squidpunch Studios players get design and build the arcade of their dreams. Remembering to maintain profitability of course. Content customization lets players entertain and collect those quarters from their customers. When it is time to expand operations there are over 500 arcades, shooters, rides, virtual reality, and more.

Arcade Tycoon 2019 Game Trailer | Vincent King Studios

From the floors to the ceiling, all aspects of the arcade can be decorated. Themed areas can be created by purchasing unique attractions along with the right decorations. Also, players will want to remember to add facilities for their customers.

Real world issues will challenge anyone looking to build their arcade empire. Besides handling power management and financial issues players have to handle customers who have their own individual needs and desires. Some prefer to shop while others may want to eat and drink. A customers mood can be seen through signs that can been seen such as happiness, sadness, anger, and sickness.

Crime is also a serious threat. Gangs may cause destruction, thieves will try to steal money, and there are even giant non-paying bugs. Players can opt to hire the Mafia for help or unlock tech to help in their efforts.

While customers give players their cash, they will cause problems as well. Sometimes they will drop litter, be sick, steal, or even worse actually poo themselves. A wide range of staff will need to be hired whose wages will depend upon skill levels. Security, cleaners, technicians, and entertainers will need to be on hand to support the needs of both the customer and the business.

The tech tree comes in the form of a catalog of unlockables, upgrade machines, and Vinnie Blue Eyes’ Best Buys. All these sources will aid players in helping their arcade run smooth and do research for new attractions.

There are 16 campaign levels with various challenges that include building an arcade in diverse locations. Several difficulty levels will challenge both casual and hardcore players. A sandbox mode exists for players looking to have a casual game and still experience the expansion and development of an arcade.

Arcade Tycoon will be dropping onto Steam Early Access on August 22, 2019 for Windows PC at a price of $18.99 USD. More information can be found on the game’s site at

Vincent King Studios was founded in 2016 and is based in the United Kingdom. Arcade Tycoon held a successful Kickstarter campaign to help finish the final leg of the game’s development in April 2019.