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Rise of Legions Free to Play RTS on Steam

The castle siege has begun as Rise of Legions, the free to play RTS, has exited Early Access and is now available on Steam.

Based off the old Warcraft 3 mod Castlefight, developer Broken Games and publisher Crunchy Leaf Games built Rise of Legions. At the Early Access launch in February of 2019 there were only 1v1 mode along with 3 legions were available. Since then the game has greatly expanded with more.

Rise of Legions is a hybrid of MOBA, deck-building, and tower defense. Gameplay is fast-paced and easy to understand as players develop their tug-of-war strategy for the battlefield.

Players can opt for solo gameplay or have a friend join them in co-op. Matches are short and intense in all formats whether it be 1v1, 2v2, or co-op. Custom games allow for 3v3 and 4v4 gameplay.

There are 4 unique legions in Rise of Legions; Blue, White, Green, and Black. Blue Legion mainly focuses on mechanics that feature a variety of energy effects and buildings used in strong combos. White Legion deals with healing and shielding spells while also having the ability to overwhelm opponents with masses of archers and knights. Green Legion focuses on heal-over-time effects and can root enemies in place while hordes of saplings evolve into more powerful creatures. Black Legion utilizes freezing spells and abilities while ripping the souls out of enemies to trigger powerful passive abilities.

Decks are constructed as players collect cards and use dual-color decks. There are tons of collectible cards and PvE challenges as well.

Rise of Legions is free to play on Steam for PC only. There are in game purchases for skins and to unlock cards quicker than one would be able to do through normal gameplay. Some free in-game currency is available if players redeem their Steam key in the in-game store. The latest information on Rise of Legions can be found on the game’s website at or on the Rise of Legions Discord server.

Rise of Legions Release Trailer | Broken Games

Broken Games is a small ambitious independent game development studio based in Berlin, Germany. The company has a core team of three with four additional freelancers aiding in the development of Rise of Legions. 

Crunchy Leaf Games (@CrunchyLeafGame Twitter) is an indie game developer and publisher based in Berlin, Germany. Their goal is to create games they enjoying playing and help others do the same.