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Godhood in Early Access Release

Renowned Explorers and Reus creators, Abbey Games, has sent their Kickstarter funded strategy god game, Godhood, into its Early Access release.

Celebrating the Early Access launch, Abbey Games, has released a new Early Access trailer showing off the lush isometric world. In Godhood, players, as a newfound deity, create their own customized religion. Holy commandments, the ability to decree what is virtue or vice, constructing holy sites, and performing miracles are all available.

Player gods will soon quickly learn that their follows come with this inconvenient thing called free will. Total control over worshipers is not a guarantee, in fact it is indirect at best. In Godhood, the number of followers is the amount of power one has. Part of the challenge is managing followers. Developing strategies to hold onto the followers a player has while acquiring new ones with inspiration and godly intervention, but remember this influence is only as powerful as the follower’s faith in the player’s deity.

Unfortunately for the player there are also rival gods. They also want your followers and will attempt to convert them. However, players will have a useful tool at their disposal, combat. The most trusted disciples can be strengthened through rituals to battle rival god believers in turn-based combat known as Sacraments.

The time has come to finally set Godhood free in the wild. And we couldn’t be happier to launch our new game into Early Access today. We’ve worked hard to get to this point: from the initial sketches and prototypes, to our Kickstarter and our closed Alpha. It’s been a long road, one we couldn’t have walked alone without the help from our dedicated community. This is only the start; expect much more exciting new content, new features, and new gods in the coming weeks and months!

Rick Sorgdrager of Abbey Games

The world of Godhood is set to a 2.5D vibrant hand-painted art and relaxing soundtrack. This allows players to fully immerse themselves full of devoted worship and mythical heroes.

Godhood hits Early Access today, July 10, 2019 on Steam and GOG for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the regular price of $26.99 USD. A special Early Access launch deal is running for Godhood that puts the game at $24.29 USD on both Steam and GOG.

More information about the game can be found on the Abbey Games community forum page for Godhood.

Godhood Early Access Trailer | Abbey Games

Abbey Games (@AbbeyGamesNL Twitter) is an independent games studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 the studio devotes themselves to making management games for hardcore strategists, whimsical storytellers, and newcomers to the genre. The studio’s first title Reus was released in May 2013 with over 1 million copies sold. Their next title Renowned Explorers was released in 2015 with frequent expansion packs for the popular title.