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Reus Creators Launch Godhood Kickstarter Campaign

Abbey Games, the studio that created Reus, launched their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming strategy god game Godhood.

The base game is already funded and planned for a May 2019 Early Access. With the Godhood Kickstarter campaign the studio wishes to added extra depth to the game. For example allowing players the ability to create their own secret cult and pose as an ancient eldritch horror.

An early bird pre-order pack is available with the Kickstarter campaign. Some rewards include backer exclusive Holy Sites skins for both regular and evil, in-game dedications, designing an adversary deity, soundtrack, and digital artbook.

There are as many ideas for interesting religious expression as there are people. With Godhood, we want to create a game offering players as much liberty as possible when creating their own cult, and for that, we decided to ask for the help of our community.

Rick Sorgdrager of Abbey Games

Godhood lets players become a newborn deity and experiment with creating their own religion. Players use clear rules that define virtue and vice, and what rituals to practice such as cat worshiping to human sacrifice.

However, followers have that inconvenient free will. Control over worshipers is not absolute. The number of followers determines power so rival gods will attempt to convert worshipers. Players will need to maintain their worshipers by taking the most trusted to battle their opponents in Sacraments. These worshipers can be strengthened through rituals.

Godhood is scheduled for a May 2019 Early Access launch. More details on Godhood can be found on the game’s website and community HUB. To further back Godhood visit the game’s Kickstarter campaign page.

Abbey Games (@abbeygamesnl Twitter) is an independent games studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 the studio devotes themselves to making management games for hardcore strategists, whimsical storytellers, and newcomers to the genre. The studio’s first title Reus was released in May 2013 with over 1 million copies sold. Their next title Renowned Explorers was released in 2015 with frequent expansion packs for the popular title.