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Gray Zone Early Access RTS Gets Major Game Update

Independent game development studio EastWorks released a major update for their early access tactical RTS shoot’em up Gray Zone. The update that hit Steam today adds Mission 6 and is accompanied by a limited time 40% discount.

In the new update Gray Zone has received major game changes across the board. The biggest addition is Mission 6 that adds 90 to 120 minutes of gameplay and features full animated comics. Existing levels have also had their visuals improved and updated with new situations and story elements. Adding to the to visual updates are also upgraded animations with heavy weapons. Small non-interactive animals such as snakes, fish, bugs, and scorpions have been added to various environments.

Automated looting is now a thing. New items are also available in looting, trade, and exchange. Items can be exchanged between two units based on their locality with the possibility of buying items for money. Several markets in each mission give players a chance to shop for items or sell items for money.

An Enhanced Stealth mode with visualization on the angle of view for enemies has been added. This is an important and game changing feature. Players will find that Enhanced Stealth offers drastically enhanced gameplay that offers a better approach for newcomers and more fun for hardcore players.

Other changes include units collect experience and can level up. Weapons can be stored in the quick inventory. Heroes can earn specific skills and enhance their battle effectiveness. Enemies alertness information has been redesigned. New tutorials have been added to help out players. With the volume of changes and optimizations the game’s size has been reduced by 3.5GB. A more complete list of changes in the current Gray Zone major content update can be read here.

As the early access development on Gray Zone continues, EastWorks has stated that Mission 7 and Skirmish will be integrated into the current chapter of the game. Currently there are three additional chapters planned for the powerful narrative-driven story that features RPG elements will be released as standalone episodic content.

Gray Zone is currently available as an early access game on Steam at the now reduced price of $16.99 USD. A 40% off special promotion for Gray Zone runs from July 9, 2021 until July 16, 2021 on Steam. For more information about Gray Zone visit game’s website at or follow @grayzonegame on Twitter.

Gray Zone Game Trailer – Major Update | EastWorks

EastWorks Studios (@east_works Twitter) is a game developer that specializes in both self-developed games and outsourcing on other projects. Founded in Kosice, Slovakia in 2011, the studio has since collaborated on a number of highly successful projects that includes Mafia III, Murdered Soul Suspect, and Arma 3.