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Godhood, a Strategy God Game, July Early Access

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Abbey Games is ready to let Godhood, a new strategy god game drop into Early Access this July.

In the Early Access launch of Godhood six religious dogmas are featured in a mix and match style. There are also 14 unique classes and over 20 constructable buildings giving players a full breadth of the experience allowing them to define the virtues and vices of their own personalized religion. Human sacrifice, ritual combat, and construction of holy temples are just a few examples.

Players who are prospective gods in this mythical world will quickly realize that followers have this pesky and inconvenient thing called free will. Control over worshipers is not absolute. The number of followers equals power and rival gods will try to convert followers. To maintain worshipers players will need to send their most trusted disciples who can be strengthened through rituals, to battle the rivals in turn-based Sacraments.

We are most excited to be launching Godhood into Early Access on both Steam and GOG this coming 10th of July. We have come a long way since we began development, especially after the overwhelmingly positive response from our Kickstarter and the great feedback we have received from our alpha players and community. We are ready to release Godhood into the wild, and we can’t wait to see what exciting religions our new player-deities will come up with.

Rick Sorgdrager of Abbey Games

Godhood hits Early Access on Steam and GOG on July 10, 2019. More information can be found on the Abbey Games community forum page for Godhood.

Abbey Games (@AbbeyGamesNL Twitter) is an independent games studio based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founded in 2012 the studio devotes themselves to making management games for hardcore strategists, whimsical storytellers, and newcomers to the genre. The studio’s first title Reus was released in May 2013 with over 1 million copies sold. Their next title Renowned Explorers was released in 2015 with frequent expansion packs for the popular title.