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Astroneer Hotfix for Floodlights and Saves

Yesterday the a Summer Update patch dropped for Astroneer that added several new features including some fun toys, floodlights, new storage, and several vehicles improvements.

Unfortunately, there have been a few hiccups. Earlier today some Xbox users complained about Xbox floodlight issues, while a small group of others was having issues with saves not loading. Astroneer developers let everyone know early on that they were aware of the issue and was working on a fix.

A little after 4 PM PST the Astroneer developer team tweeted out that a Hotfix, version 1.2.9 had been deployed on all platforms correcting the Xbox floodlight issues as well as the saved games not loading issue and a separate rover terrain issue.

Some of those who have worked past the issues or never experienced them have been very busy with the new EXO Recreational Sphere and Recreational Canopy. One such example is from Reddit user Pyro_Pyro_ with their take on what a Rocket League Sylva Stage would look like.

Other’s such as Reddit user HylianLZ has been busy updating their base with the various new storage platforms.

Astroneer owners should also remember to login to the game before August 31, 2019 to claim a special summer themed palette and visor that comes in two themes, dusk and dawn.

With issues being fixed players have this light Summer Update patch to play around with until the big Wanderer update hits. Happy playing and exploring!