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Astroneer Mission Power Compass Update

System Era Softworks has released a significant Mission Power Compass Update for its open world space exploration and base-building sandbox game Astroneer. This update is jam packed with a complete power systems overhaul, player missions, and an updated compass to help players find their way.

Missions are now available in game. These are to help players in the exploration of the world and the tools necessary for their journey. Each mission provides helpful rewards for those who accept their challenge. A new control panel is used to track mission and their progress. Attached to landing pads are mission logs that are used to claim the physical rewards. A backpack mission log is accessible through a new action wheel interface to claim byte and schematic rewards.

Power systems in Astroneer have seen a massive overhaul. Besides the addition of new items such as the Large Wind Turbine, Large Solar Panel, XL Wind Turbine, and QT-RTG (a tiny RTG), several power generation items have had their power generation outputs changed. While the output and throughput of most items have increased, several power consumer items have seen their power draw increase. Some power related items have also had their recipes change such as the Small Battery now requiring one zinc.

The compass has been completely redone and enhanced. Now certain objects are automatically tracked such as shelters and beacons. Compass Navpoints are displayed for the closest objects that shows elevation, distance and direction. True north is now always displayed on the planets and chambers for the odd stone are now labled with the location on the planet such as north, south or equator.

Other changes include improvements to the action wheel with core tools being accessible via a single keystroke. The EXO Salvage Initiative has returned with new rewards and a chance to get rewards from the previous year in the Salvage Throwback Bundle as one of the salvage reward tiers. Recurring rewards at the end also have a chance of giving the QT-RTG. There are several other changes and bug fixes in this update with a more complete list of changes available here.

Astroneer is available on Humble Bundle or Steam for PC and the Xbox One and PS4 consoles for $29.99 USD. For more information about Astroneer visit the game’s website at or follow @astroneergame on Twitter.

ASTRONEER – Mission – Power – Compass Update Trailer | System Era Softworks

System Era Softworks (@SES_dev Twitter) is an independent game development studio based out of Seattle, Washington. Inspired by space-exploration and possessing an optimistic view of space-age futurism, the System Era Softworks team strives to build games that motivate future generations of spacefarers.

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