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CoffeeBiz Tycoon Sees Alpha2 Update

Indie developer TheSociopathSoftware has announced the Alpha2 update to CoffeeBiz Tycoon. In the Alpha2 update several new key featured have been added or updated to the Early Access game.

Two new locations for enterprising baristas that include an industrial area with blue-collar customer types. The other area is a friendly neighborhood with an extremely positive attitude towards the coffee business.

Market has seen a major update. A new customer decision making AI has been introduced for more realistic demand simulation. Additionally, customers with different economic backgrounds has been implements such as casual, poor, or rich.

Employees have seen a rework too. An employee’s energy, performance, and mood have been updated. A new stamina skill has been introduced.

Office and management tasks should finally work the way they are intended to work. A new type of coffee machine has been added that is an industrial type coffee machine for late game strategies.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon continues to expand its combination of a complicated business simulation with fun during the Alpha. Players start with a simple coffee kiosk and brew their way to a prosperous and profitable coffee empire. The games uses 2.5D isometric pixel art to give semi-retro fun feel.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is currently in Early Access on Steam.

The Sociopath Software (@TheSocSoftware Twitter) is a single developer shop focused on creating business simulation games for the PC.