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Brew Up Some Fun with CoffeeBiz Tycoon Early Access

The Sociopath Software announced this past Thursday, October 18, that CoffeeBiz Tycoon will come to Early Access on Steam in October.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is a mix of entrepreneurship fun and complication business simulation. Players will be able to start a coffee kiosk where they can brew, expand, hire employees, deal with competition, build a brand, assume risk, and do everything else needed to build a profitable business.

This pixel-perfect game features 2.5D graphics with dynamic lighting. There are sandbox and scenario game modes with different locations to explore for business sites. Kiosks are used to brew and sell coffee to customers. Players will need to buy ingredients, place coffee machines and baristas, set prices, promote their shop, and of course make a profit.

Customers come in four types with different demands and needs. Employees can be hired, fired, motivated, and educated  They can be assigned as a barista, assistant or manager. Players will need to manage employee’s energy and moods.

Players will be tasked with purchasing equipment and manage business strategies. Random events will occur challenging players to deal with employee illness, vandalism, and other events that will affect your coffee business operations.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon describes itself as a “deep and detailed business simulation game with ‘hard to win, easy to get bankrupt’ concept in its core”. Look for CoffeeBiz Tycoon on Steam Early Access in October.

The Sociopath Software is a single developer shop focused on creating business simulation games for the PC.

For more information visit the CoffeeBiz Tycoon site. To learn more about The Sociopath Software visit their site.