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Deck of Ashes Enemies Trailer Released

AYGames is at it again with another trailer featuring the enemies found in their deck building RPG card game world of Deck of Ashes. Leading up to the game’s Early Access launch in April several details about the game have emerged including a story trailer and deck building mechanics.

Viewers of the new video enemies trailer find a hostile environment that is filled with creatures of shapes and sizes. All the enemies embody some form of the Ash Curse. Some even become a hideous mix of multiple creatures. Beasts, demons, and even the undead are a handful of the vile threats that wait for unsuspecting adventurers.

Players will need to have their Battle Deck ready for these fights. Monster class types tend to be found more often in their home locations. As players progress further out from their camp, they will encounter more difficult enemies.

When a player encounters problematic enemies they should do their best to avoid that particular enemy home locations. In addition, each monster class has its own strengths and weaknesses that counters different strategies. There is no one size fits all strategy to dominate all monster classes.

Deck of Ashes will enter Steam Early Access on April 11, 2019.

AYGames (@AygamesO Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Russia. The studio’s goal is to release quality and interesting games to the market place. The team currently has 12 members each whom are talented professionals looking to show their skills off to the world.