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Deck of Ashes Adds Deck Building Details

New details are out for how deck building in AYGames Deck of Ashes will work. The secret to a powerful deck is in the recipe.

Players take on the role as a member of the Outcasts, the cursed group looking to rid the lands of the Ash Curse. They will only be able to progress the story by building a powerful Battle Deck through collecting cards. In the end the curse can only be lifted in a massive battle with a powerful evil.

At the beginning of every game players are granted a starting Battle Deck. Since the starting deck is filled with basic cards, it is fairly weak and will require additional cards to strengthen it. Additional cards are crafted from recipes that require a special resource called Ash.

Recipes for the more powerful cards are obtained in several different ways. The first is straight forward. Players can buy recipes from a Merchant in the Camp. Every in-game day the selection changes and upgrading the Merchant will increase the number of recipes for sale.

The second method is taking part in the special Ash Storm events that briefly spawn on the world map. These events are unstable and disappear quickly.

Recipes can also come from chests. Keys are earned from winning battles. Some chests take more keys to open which in turn have more powerful recipes. Also, random events that may have a positive or negative impact on the players character may give a recipe. Lastly, players who buy a special upgrade and go to battle can meditate afterwards to get a random recipe.

All of these recipes are used bu the Blacksmith in the camp or by the player after a battle to create cards. Ash is earned after a battle or during an Ash Storms event.

Decks are built with cards and cards themselves have their own theme. Each card from a specific branch of a given theme has its own ability that compliments the others. An example is cards with a Burn effect. One card applies a Burn effect to an enemy while the next card spreads the effect to all other enemies.

Some cards are open-ended and are not tied to a particular theme. These cards will work well in decks with different themes allowing for various combinations. Hybrid decks with many themes are possible. Depending upon a players play style they can build what suits them.

Unwanted cards can be dismantled and permanently removed by the Blacksmith returning a small fraction of their Ash cost. Ailment cards are removed from the deck by the Herbalist. Cards can also be burned with the help of the Ash Master where they go onto the Deck of Ashes. Players will have the opportunity to restore them later.

Deck of Ashes is set to arrive for PC players on Steam Early Access April 11, 2019.

AYGames (@AygamesO Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Russia. The studio’s goal is to release quality and interesting games to the market place. The team currently has 12 members each whom are talented professionals looking to show their skills off to the world.