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Deck of Ashes New Story Trailer

More to the world behind the deck building RPG Deck of Ashes has been revealed in their new story trailer. AY Games posted the trailer to their YouTube channel.

In the video the history of the Ash Curse is explored. It was brought about by the greed and the quest for power of a wicked group called The Outcasts. The curse itself came when the group shattered Lady Death’s Ash Box unleashing a torrent of horrific power upon the world. The Outcasts in the process were transformed into something different, something corrupt.

The wise Ash Master has now come offering The Outcasts a chance for redemption.

Players in Deck of Ashes take on the role as an Outcast character who crosses the land while battling evil and revoking the Ash Curse. Through gameplay players will be building Battle Decks of powerful cards from defeated foes on their path towards redemption.

The previously announced procedurally-generated turn-based grim fantasy world of Deck of Ashes sets the player on a path where they search for combat cards, supplies, and other resources. Decks are composed of ruthless antiheroes. Players pick a champion, each with their own unique card deck, and take on the world.

Deck of Ashes is set to arrive on Steam Early Access on April 11, 2019.

AY Games (@AygamesO Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Russia. The studio’s goal is to release quality and interesting games to the market place. The team currently has 12 members each whom are talented professionals looking to show their skills off to the world.