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BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket On Sale Now

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Tickets are now available for purchase even though BlizzCon 2018 is still two months away. The Virtual Ticket launched this past Wednesday with an early kick off announcement. Ticket holders are offered commemorative in-game loot for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II. Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Overwatch players who purchase the Virtual Ticket will receive a Demon Hunter Sombra Legendary Skin.

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket Demon Hunter Sombra Legendary Skin

BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket Demon Hunter Sombra Legendary Skin | Blizzard Entertainment

The BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket costs $49.99 and is available for purchase at the Blizzard Store via While the opening ceremony and live esports streams are free to everyone, Virtual Ticket holders will also receive access to live coverage from all stages, exclusive pre-show video series, community night, closing night festivities, and BlizzCon 2017 archive. Ticket holders also get $10 off of the BlizzCon 2018 Goody Bag, regular $55, and is available from the Blizzard Gear store while supplies last.

BlizzCon 2018 Goody Bag

BlizzCon 2018 Goody Bag | Blizzard Entertainment

This year Virtual Ticket holders will have access to Build-A-Panel. Ticket holders and others from the Blizzard community will join together to create a panel that you want to see. Voting will only be available for a limited time.

In the BlizzCon 2018 press release, Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment commented about the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.

“We created BlizzCon as a celebration of our global community, but not everyone can travel to the show, so the Virtual Ticket gives us a great way to bring BlizzCon to gamers around the world,” said Morhaime. “We have a lot of exciting activities and surprises planned for BlizzCon ticket and Virtual Ticket holders in the coming weeks and at the main event—we can’t wait to share everything we have in store.”

BlizzCon 2018 kicks off with an esports competition during the BlizzCon Opening Week on October 25 through October 29 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles in Burbank, California. The main BlizzCon 2018 event takes place on Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California.