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The Fall of Aether Station July Release Date Set

Indie game developer Nibble & Byte Game Studio has announced an end of July release date for their upcoming roguelite space-based RTS tower defense title, The Fall of Aether Station.

The release date announcement comes a month after the release of The Fall of Aether Station final demo on Steam. In the 1.0 release, players will have access to the best version of the game ever featuring hordes of alien ships including the new swarmer enemy type. When the game launches next month will players have what it takes to save Aether Station?

A new 1.0 The Fall of Aether Station release date trailer, watchable below and on the Nibble & Byte Game Studio YouTube channel, is now available for viewing. The trailer features never before seen content.

Content in the 1.0 full release includes the new swarmer enemy type. This strategic enemy will spawn behind one’s defenses and keep players on edge.

Stats are now more clear on the reworked shipyard screen. Tradeoffs between choices are more easily available. The tutorial has been streamlined and demonstrates key game features with limited hand-holding.

Prior to the final demo release an updated The Fall of Aether Station demo dropped last January that included reinvented tech trees, rebalanced combat, and a new UI. The full 1.0 game is set to include 15 levels each with 60 initial waves. Other additions include a legendary ship that unlocks at the end of each ship tech tree. An endless mode is planned to follow after the 1.0 release.

The Fall of Aether Station Availability

The Fall of Aether Station release date is scheduled July 25, 2024, on PC via Steam. Interested players can wishlist the game on Steam to get notified when it launches.

Players can still download and play the final The Fall of Aether Station Demo content update. The final demo is free-to-play and available on Steam. An older Windows PC demo from last December is available on Note that demo on works on Linux utilizing WINE.

For more information visit the game’s product pages on Steam or at

The Fall of Aether Station – Release Trailer | Nibble & Byte Game Studio

Publisher and Developer Information

Nibble & Byte Game Studio

Nibble & Byte Game Studio is mostly a one person indie development studio, led by Jake, that creates unique, challenging, and engaging games. Based in the United States, the studio is a true passion project. Jake leads a team of software engineers who work on aerospace software during the day while raising a family and running a game development company at night. Currently the studio is busy developing the roguelite RTS tower defense game, The Fall of Aether Station.