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Genotype VR FPS Adventure Releases Huge Combat Update

Bolverk Games has released a massive game-changing Combat Update for their alien-filled survival VR FPS adventure Genotype.

Combat mechanics, weapons, and monsters are at the core of this third update to the game. The previous two updates focused on exploration and expanded the game’s lore.

Introducing new content and mechanics keeps things interesting and dynamic throughout the game. Players will see the biggest difference in the mid, and late-game combat situations. Early review feedback suggested that combat could sometimes become repetitive, and that is definitely not the case anymore.

Lasse Tassing, CTO of Bolverk Games

A new upgrade system gives players more choice in how they handle enemy threats. Each of the four GRAID Glove levels provide a specialization upgrade choice and each level also unlocks the ability to further upgrade hand creatures. Five new radically different weaponized creatures are available. Two separate and unique upgrade paths for each of the four weapon-hand creatures are now available. In addition loot amounts and ammo costs have been rebalanced.

New enemies with fine-tuned behaviors can be found in the Antarctic facility. These changes also make for better boss fights. Combat spaces have seen improvements to enhance a player’s adrenaline flow. Four difficulty settings and many accessibility options are available to aid players.

More lore can be found in the facility. Players will notice visual improvements to many areas of the base. Several other additions are also included in update such as atmospheric synth-scapes and resolution changes that are on par to PCVR.

It’s unusual for a newly released VR game to get this much new content so quickly, but we’re sincere about maintaining dialogue with the various communities of VR players. Anyone can experience that on our Discord channel, in the reviews section on the Meta Quest store and in the two patches and three updates we’ve sent out already.

Bo Bennekov, CEO at Bolverk Games

All of the updates were released after receiving player feedback as the developer is committed to listening to the community.

Genotype Availability

The Genotype Combat Update is now available for free on the Meta Quest platform. On February 22, 2024, Genotype will receive a localization update for Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Genotype is now available on the Meta Quest platform for $24.99 for the Quest 2 and Quest 3. Through February 21, 2024, the game is on sale for $14.99. A launch on Steam, PSVR2, RIFT (with Quest cross-buy), and Pico is coming soon. Steam users can add the game to their wishlist now for the Q1 2024 release.

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Genotype – Combat Update – Launch Trailer | Bolverk Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is an award-winning indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software, the company’s portfolio contains a range of titles including Glyph, Genotype, KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2.