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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #13 Introduces Campaign Mode

Hooded Horse and indie developer 3DIVISION have announced the release of Update #13 for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, adding the first two campaign missions. This update brings the complex cold war city-building simulation title to version, one step closer to the 1.0 release later this year.

Dive into the first two campaign missions that act as the official tutorial for the game. Players are thrown into the shoes of a recently elected official of a newly inexperienced ex-Soviet republic. Various ministers from a variety of expertise are available to help guide players as they begin their city management journey. The goal is to lay the foundations of a new city, establish core industrial and agricultural capabilities, and ensure long-term prosperity for all people.

Other update features include two additional maps, vehicles, sounds, and decorations. Mud airfields, large train station, and various road improvements have been added for transportation related systems. Players may also notice some graphical upgrades, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. A more complete list of changes in Update #13 can be read here.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Availability

Update #13 for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic, which includes the first two campaign missions, is now available with the release of patch version Later this year the third act of the campaign will be released. The Early Access exit with version 1.0 is planned for a later date in 2024.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99. The game’s soundtrack is also available for $4.99 and a Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – Help for Ukraine DLC is available for $4.99.

For more information visit the Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic socials and Discord below or visit the official website at

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #13 | 3DIVISION

Publisher and Developer Information

Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games. Based in Dallas, Texas, the publisher features partners across the world. Since 2020 their portfolio has grown to 17 titles that includes Manor Lords, Mars Tactics, Terra Invicta, and Old World.


3DIVISION is an independent game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The small company of freelance developers primarily focuses on PC and console games with over 10 years of experience. Past game titles include Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga. Currently the team is busy working on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

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