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Fata Deum Development Update and New Demo Plans

Hooded Horse and developer 42 Bits Entertainment have released a November 2023 development update for their god god, Fata Deum. This latest update covers two new gameplay features, more UI improvements, and new Fata Deum demo plans.

Based on community feedback, the highly requested game feature of a mortal collection system has been implemented. Players can now grab any mortal they want, drag them around, and assign them to a new task by dropping them in place.

Using the new ring selection feature, players can show off their godly strength. This new feature grants players the ability to use wonders in a wide circular range. Everything within the circle, building or mortal, will be influenced by the wonder.

Overview maps have been reworked and now feature day and night views. Collecting resources has been confusing for many in the community. To address this issue, a new UI icons have been added so players will always know how many resources have been collected and where they can be dropped.

Other details in the update included more work on the AI system via three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, and Hard. A new map, the largest island to date, allows for six gods at once. More performance improvements have been implemented allowing for better FPS with high building count.

With plans to launch in 2024, the next priority for the developer is to release a new Fata Deum demo showcasing all the improvements made in 2023. Specifically to use the demo to show off the already teased map from the previous update, a longer playtime session, improved tutorial, better controls, improved AI opponents, and enhanced performance.

Fata Deum Availability

Fata Deum is planned for a 2024 release on PC via Humble Bundle, Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. Interested players can add the game to their wishlists now. A previously released demo that does not reflect current changes is available on Steam.

For more information check out the Fata Deum Discord or visit

Fata Deum Gameplay Reveal | Hooded Horse

Publisher and Developer Information

Hooded Horse

Hooded Horse is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games. Based in Dallas, Texas, the publisher features partners across the world. Since 2020 their portfolio has grown to 17 titles that includes Manor Lords, Mars Tactics, Terra Invicta, and Old World.

42 Bits Entertainment

42 Bits Entertainment is an indie game developer based in Jüchen, German. Founded in 2018 the developer has a specific purpose, to bring the god game genre back. The company first started out as a single developer Christoph Schulze with support from the local government to build the first prototype. Schulze, with that prototype, was able to showcase his vision and gather a team of experienced developers to fulfill this vision. Fata Deum will be the studio’s debut title.

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