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Crime Scene Cleaner Steam Next Fest Demo

Indie game developer President Studio has release a demo as a part of Steam Next Fest for their first-person game, Crime Scene Cleaner.

The demo gives players an introduction to the protagonist’s crime scene cleaning struggles while working for the mob. Crime scenes are often a messy business, but so is being involved with the mob. As a mob crime scene cleaner, the job is very simple, clean up after the dirty work.

The job sounds easier than done. A good cleaner knows that scenes are messy with blood, bodies, and objects strewn about. To clean a scene one will need to remove any bodies, clean all traces of blood, and put objects back how they were minus a few valuables of course. Sometimes the objects are no longer fit for use and will need to be destroyed to leave no evidence behind.

A suspicion meter measures mistakes and greedy deeds. If the meter gets too high, the mission will fail, and the consequences can be dire. Do a good job, fool the police, and avoid jail. Remember when there is no proof of a crime, then there is no crime, right?

Crime Scene Cleaner Playtest

At the end of last month, the Crime Scene Cleaner open playtest began. The playtest is still currently available and will run until the developer collects all the necessary data from player feedback. To participate in the playtest, visit the Crime Scene Cleaner Steam page and click the “Request Access” button to gain immediate access. The download size is approximately 4.5 GB with an install size of about 12.2 GB on Windows PC.

Players who participate in the playtest can share their feedback via a form on the game’s Steam product page. Among the responses received, some lucky participants will receive a Crime Scene Cleaner full version game key. For those who want to provide feedback, but dislike forms and don’t care about the key lottery can provide feedback via Discord or Steam Community Hub.

There is no embargo on the playtest, so players can freely stream the game. Streamers also do not have to worry about the game’s soundtrack copyright.

Crime Scene Cleaner Demo and Game Availability

The Crime Scene Cleaner demo is available on the game’s Steam page and will be available during Steam Next Fest. Note that the demo does not contain all the features available in the full game release. Content creators can also stream the demo as there is no embargo and do not have to worry about the soundtrack’s copyrights.

Crime Scene Cleaner currently has a yet to be announced release date on Steam for Windows PC.

For more information follow @scene_cleaner on X (formerly Twitter) or visit the game’s Steam product page.

Crime Scene Cleaner – Gameplay Trailer | President Studio

Developer Information

President Studio (@Pres_Studio X (formerly Twitter), @PresidentStudioGames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development company located in Poland. Established in 2018, the developer tries to combine individual perspective with the best pop culture trends to create unique and interesting games for board audiences. Titles in the company’s portfolio include Celestial Empire, Ship Builder, I Am Your President, and Crime Scene Cleaner.