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Genotype Meta Quest Pre-Orders Open

Bolverk Games are now accepting Meta Quest pre-orders for their upcoming FPS VR adventure title Genotype. Explore and escape an Antarctic research base overrun by monstrous alien beasts.

Play as Evely, an intern at an Antarctic weather station. A routine expedition puts Evely in the middle of the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative Laboratories. The facility’s only human survivor, William, can guide her to salvation and possibly the entire planet.

Survival is dependent on the use of the experimental GRAID gloves to print creatures. Exploration of the facility will uncover ways to print new creatures or a means to modify and upgrade existing creature DNA, enhancing their capabilities.

Adaptation is key to surviving and battling the hostile monsters in the facility. Transform into other creatures to unlock otherwise inaccessible spaces in the facility. Use creatures as tools to clear the path forward for deeper exploration into the laboratories. Fight the way through the maze-like ecosystem, take on the hostile alien threat known as The Mother, and possibly save the world.

This is our most ambitious game yet – and its performance reflects that. What we really wanted to do this time, is show the World, but, actually, also ourselves, that we can make a top-tier game. And I think we’ve succeeded with that.

Bo Bennekov, CEO at Bolverk Games

Last December, Bolverk Games released a video with concept art and music that set the mood for Genotype. The single concept art shot showcased a facility in ruins with debris and multiple alcoves potentially leading to new locations. Various eerie sound effects and music plays for the nearly two minute video.

With the pre-orders open, a new video expands that world with gameplay footage introducing Evely, the GRAID, hostile creatures, William, and the general tone of the game. The pre-order trailer presents a fully-voiced-acted game with a story composed by the accomplished video game writer Morten Bruunbjerg (Hi-Fi Rush, Voice Attorney), and an impressive graphical environment.

Genotype Pre-Order Availability

Genotype pre-orders are available on the Meta Quest platform for $34.99. A limited-time discount of 14% is available before the October 2023 release.

Interested players can sign-up for a bi-weekly newsletter on the game’s website. Visit for more information.

Genotype – Pre-Order Now – Meta Quest | Bolverk Games

Developer Information

Bolverk Games (@BolverkGames X (formerly Twitter), @bolverkgames Facebook, YouTube) is a self-supporting indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software the company’s portfolio includes KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2. Over the past two years, Bolverk Games have been working on the the 3D platform game Glyph.