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Genotype Video Sets Mood with Concept Art and Music

Bolverk Games are setting the mood with some concept art, sound effects, and music for their upcoming VR title Genotype. Explore and escape an Antarctic research base that has been overrun by an alien entity known as The Mother.

Trapped inside of a research lab in Antarctica, players will need to explore the large facility in order to escape it. Inside the facility are loads of alien creatures and the massive life-form known as The Mother. Some, as in most, of the creatures are not too excited to see the player so they will need to be avoided. Observation is key as their behaviors are realistic and animal-like. Predict and exploit their movements to evade and escape.

Players will have the aid of an experimental GRAID glove that allows for the printing of living creatures. These creatures can be used as tools. To print creatures, one will need to collect enough DNA cartridges. Collected biomass material from encountered feral creatures is used to power this technology.

Progression through the facility will present opportunities to expand the amount of tools and creatures available. Some of the more powerful creatures will grant players the ability to momentarily see the world through a new pair of eyes altering their perception of reality.

To increase the odds of escaping players will need to gather enough biomass and pick the right tools for the job. The facility is complex and full of various systems which can be used to overcome obstacles. Power, temperature, water, security turrets, and robots are some of challenges players will face.

Luckily for players there is one other source of assistance, a mysterious man who helps guide them over the intercom. Naturally this person is to be trusted, right?

In the Genotype video provided by Bolverk Games, a single concept art shot of what appears to be a lobby is shown. Debris and broken panels can be seen all over the room with multiple possible alcoves leading to different rooms or other destinations. One door reads Lab 03 above so that implies there are at least two other labs. Various sound effects and music plays for the duration of the roughly two minute video viewable below.

Built for the Meta Quest 2, Genotype is planned for a Q4 2023 release on Steam and the Oculus Quest Store. Interested players can sign-up for a bi-weekly newsletter on the game’s website. Visit for more information.

Genotype VR – Let’s set the mood, shall we? | Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games (@BolverkGames Twitter, @bolverkgames Facebook, YouTube) is a self-supporting indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software the company’s portfolio includes KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2. Over the past two years, Bolverk Games have been working on the the 3D platform game Glyph.