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Monos: The Endless Tower Has an October Release Date

EvilStar Studios has set an October release date for their groundbreaking tower defense title Monos: The Endless Tower.

In this unique take on the tower defense genre, players are put in charge of safeguarding the last remaining tower. From the depths below, an unrelenting horde of emerging monsters seek to scale and destroy the tower.

To defend the tower from the monster horde, players will need to utilize an arsenal of diverse weapons and learn to harness potent magical abilities. Obliterate the advancing horde by deploying an array of weapons. The different types of weapons each have their own use in different situations. Each enemy has its own behavior. Pick the right weapons to vanquish them all.

No two gaming sessions are alike. The tower features an ever-changing layout. After every 10 waves, the tower can be evolved. Choose new passives with upgrade coins. Players can explore numerous different strategies and then use that knowledge to enhance their gameplay style. After 100 waves the hardest difficulty is unlocked. With randomized enemy waves, players must be alert and ready to always defend the tower.

Monos: The Endless Tower Availability

Monos: The Endless Tower is set to release on October 5, 2023, on Windows PC via Steam. A Monos: The Endless Tower demo is available on Steam. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlists now.

For more information visit the game’s Steam product page.

Monos: The Endless Tower – Release Date Trailer | EvilStar Studios

Developer Information

EvilStar Studios (@EvilStarStudios X (formerly Twitter), @EvilStarStudios Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development studio based in Bucharest, Romania. With a small team, the studio aims to make interesting games. Monos: The Endless Tower, a unique take on the tower defense genre, is the developer’s latest project. Previously the studio released on Steam The Equinox Hunt and on Game Jolt Shape Rivals, Strikethrough, Mexico Escape, Platforms of Survival, and Doge: To the Moon.