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TactiCon 2023 Steam-based Strategy Game Convention Details

Hooded Horse and Firesquid Games are working together to bring strategy games front and center during the Steam-based digital event TactiCon 2023. During the event, strategy games from across the globe will be celebrated.

Starting on May 11 and running until May 15, over 100 games will be showing off all that strategy games have to offer. Recently released and upcoming titles are included in the celebration. Besides plenty of game demos to enjoy, a plethora of news, announcements, panels, presentations, and discounts will give strategy game enthusiasts plenty of entertainment during the weekend event.

Earlier today, May 11, a special showcase, hosted by creators ReneeSky and GamerZakh, showed off the several exciting announcements from the event. The nearly hour-long showcase featured gameplay footage from a variety of titles including Vagrus – The Riven Realms, The Settlings, Yield!, Star★Vaders, Reus 2, Project Haven, Super Fantasy Kingdom!, Jumplight Odyseey, Shardpunk Verminfall, Solium Infernum, Stickman Trenches, and many more!

The entire showcase was first streamed live on Steam and is now available as a VOD on the TactiCon YouTube channel.

A complete list of panels and featured games is on the TactiCon 2023 website located at For more information visit the event’s website, follow @tacticon_games on Twitter and like on Facebook.

Tacticon 2023 – Launch Trailer | TactiCon

TactiCon 2023 Event Co-Host Information

Hooded Horse (@HoodedHorseInc Twitter, @HoodedHorse Facebook, YouTube) is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games. Based in Dallas, Texas, the publisher features partners across the world. Since 2020 their portfolio has grown to 17 titles that includes Manor Lords, Mars Tactics, Terra Invicta, and Old World.

Firesquid Games (@FiresquidGames Twitter, @FiresquidGames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie publisher that focuses on games that embrace strategy and thinking. From tactics to city-builders, the Paris-based publisher works closely with developers to help them create the best game they can. Games in the publisher’s portfolio include USC Counterforce, Great Houses of Calderia, and Blade Prince Academy.