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Rendezvous Cyberpunk-Noir Adventure Out on PC

Hitcents and independent game developer Pendopo Studio have released their cyberpunk-noir puzzle adventure Rendezvous on PC. The sci-fi story takes place in 2064 on the streets of Neo-Surabaya and Bay City.

Setyo, a reformed criminal now working as a security technician, lives a mundane life. His sister works for one of the more dangerous cyberrunner groups in Neo-Surabaya. To prevent his sister from following in his footsteps and recover what is left of his family, Setyo must confront his shady past.

Dive into Setyo’s criminal past. Gather clues, uncover hidden secrets, and solve challenging puzzles. By using cannibalized parts from crooked cybernetic workshops and speaking with citizens for clues, Setyo can piece together the puzzle of his missing sister.

In these seedy cyberpunk-noir cities, people try to deal with the taxing issues of technological advancement. The last shreds of the old world clashes with the culture of the new brutal and unforgiving future. From cold-hearted cyberrunner gangs to unforgiving thugs the cities are full of danger.

Multiple available paths lead to powerful items, hidden objects, and robust tools. To survive, players can collect an arsenal of weapons. To take down fierce enemies players can use anything from improvised objects to conventional firearms. Those who prefer to avoid bloodshed can opt for stealth approaches and attempt to sneak past threats.

The game features 2D hand-drawn pixel art in a 2.5D world filled with dynamic lighting that brings depth and life to the city. This emotional path to redemption story is centered Setyo and his search for his sister, however in this visually stunning high-stakes high-danger world nothing is guaranteed.

Rendezvous Release Details

In May of last year, the indie developer released Rendezvous: Shadows of the Past, a prequel to Rendezvous. This free to play game dives into the role of Setyo who realizes he must Neo-Surabaya to save what little remains of his family. Players can experience the immersive disruption of Setyo’s mundane life in Bay City as he embarks on his adventure.

Rendezvous is available on Windows PC via Steam for $12.99. A 10% off launch week discount is available until April 17, 2023. For more information visit the Rendezvous Steam product page.

Rendezvous Launch Trailer | Pendopo Creations

Publisher and Developer Information

Hitcents (@Hitcents Twitter, @hitcentscom Facebook, YouTube) is a full-service video game publisher and developer based in the United States. Founded in 1999 as an early internet advertising company, Hitcents roots in the gaming industry took hold in 2011 with Draw a Stickman. Currently the company focuses their development on their own games while also offering publishing services to small independent teams.

Pendopo Studios (@PendopoStudio Twitter, @PendopoStudio Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game studio based in Sleman, Yogyakarta SR, Indonesia. Founded in 2019, the studio’s goal is to create an enjoyable, living, and unique world through interactive media experiences. The studio’s portfolio includes Cosmobot and Rendezvous.