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The Kingdom of Gardenia Sprouts on Nintendo Switch

Solo indie creator and developer Little Ricebowl has released their 2D 8-bit garden sim, The Kingdom of Gardenia, on Nintendo Switch.

In September 2020, the garden building sim launched on Steam Early Access. Featuring cooking, serving, trading, and story elements, players follow the tale of Roman, an orphan and unemployed former soldier. Fresh off the train to the mysterious Kingdom of Gardenia, Roman is in search of work from a found job advertisement.

Roman will find employment from King Theseus IV as a groundskeeper and interim steward of the West Garden. Each day new visitors will arrive via the train. Players will need to impress the visitors by learning who they are and serving them their favorite foods. At the same time, Roman will need to delight the guests with the wealth of the kingdom and show them their favorite flowers, trees, and furnishings.

All is not well in the kingdom. In the shows lurks an evil presence looking to create chaos and undo all of the hard work.

Each visitor will leave a review posted in the train station post box upon departing. There are four categories where players can earn a star reward: Food, Flora, Florints, and Fondness. Bonus stars can be earned by meeting and greeting visitors or by wishing them bon voyage as they depart.

Money is earned each day when visitors purchase tickets to the kingdom. Selling flowers, plants, trees, and food to visitors will earn additional income. As players earn more stars, more items will be available in the shops and the more visitors they will receive offering more chances to earn money.

Garden Points are earned by filling the West Garden with flowers, plants, and trees that can be ordered in the Flower Shop and Tree Nursery. Orders will arrive by train the following day.

King Theseus IV is all alone. A number of autonomous servants run the shops and help service the kingdom. His son, Prince Felix is busy tracking down the nefarious Bat King whose presence casts a dark shadow over the lands. Players can aid the prince with his task and help serve the kingdom.

The Kingdom of Gardenia is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $4.99. The game is now available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop for $7.99. For more information like @kingdomofgardenia on Facebook or visit the game’s website at

The Kingdom of Gardenia – Main Trailer | Little Ricebowl

Little Ricebowl (@LittleRice_bowl Twitter, YouTube) is an indie game developer based in Stockport, a metropolitan borough of Manchester, United Kingdom. The solo developer’s nickname, Little Ricebowl, was given by her first-time parent’s daughter that is half-Chinese and loves to eat rice. Available on PC and Nintendo Switch, The Kingdom of Gardenia is the studio’s debut title.