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The Kingdom of Gardenia Sim Tends Early Access Garden

Indie solo creator and developer Little Ricebowl has launched in early access their 2D 8-bit garden sim, The Kingdom of Gardenia, on Steam. The handcrafted tale follows the story of an orphan and former Roman soldier that helps to rebuild the kingdom.

Now unemployed the former soldier is looking for work. After coming across a job advertisement from King Theseus IV, the Roman is hired to help rebuild the kingdom’s garden to its former glory.

Taking inspiration from games like Stardew Valley and Theme Hospital, players are tasked with completing four single player objectives. To complete the objectives players will need to earn stars from visitor reviews. Getting that top four star review comes from impressing the train delivered visitors with the wealth of the Kingdom by filling the West Garden with flowers, plants and trees. In addition players will cook for their guests.

Garden Points are earned by filling the West garden. All the flowers, plants and trees can be ordered in the Flower Shop and the Tree Nursery. To place objects in the world, players need to discover the Neural Lace device which requires a precious mineral called gardenium to power it. Only in the caves can this precious mineral be mined.

King Theseus IV is all alone. The King’s son, Prince Felix is missing. Players are tasked with finding the prince and dealing with the nefarious Bat King who is casting a dark show over the lands.

Along with the retro-like art style a completely original musical score created by the developer. Some of the tracks for The Kingdom of Gardenia can be heard on developer’s SoundCloud page linked here.

The Kingdom of Gardenia is available now in early access on Steam for $5.99 USD. A special early access launch promotion runs until October 7, 2020 that discounts the game by 10%. For more information about The Kingdom of Gardenia visit the game’s website at

The Kingdom of Gardenia – Gameplay Trailer | Little Ricebowl

Little Ricebowl (@LittleRice_bowl Twitter) is a game developer based in Stockport a metropolitan borough of Manchester, United Kingdom. The Kingdom of Gardenia was created by the solo creator whose nickname was given by her parents for their first-time daughter that is half-Chinese and loves eating rice.