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Stellar Monarch 2 Launches Out of Steam Early Access

Silver Lemur Games have fully released the fast-paced turn-based 4X asymmetric grand space empire builder Stellar Monarch 2 on Steam. Nearly six years after the December 2016, original Stellar Monarch release, this follow expands on ideas of the original by taking a no micromanagement approach.

Being the ruling leader of the Terran race is no simple task. While commanding the imperial throne, players will find themselves battling against corrupted officials, traitors, usurpers, rebels, disloyal admirals and alien threats.

An important feature at the heart of gameplay is the asymmetric nature of the game. While the player plays by one set of rules, the AI plays be a different set of rules that does not try winning the game. For example Aliens act more like creatures living in the galaxy rather than computer controlled players. This allows for Aliens to act as valuable assets or challenges to overcome.

As the Emperor and Head of the Royal Dynasty players will need to keep the other Great Houses in check, ensuring their loyalty and obedience. These houses will turn act as assets to the empire and not obstacles. Both Ministers and Advisors can be appointed from the imperial court. Strategic use of appointees via their competence, loyalty, and family connections will maximize their effectiveness.

Noble houses, the Great Council, and reforms bring about improved gameplay over the first game. Many mechanics from the original title have seen a redesign or removed altogether. Players of the franchise can still expect a fast-paced space empire builder with a real feudal twist focused on the emperor’s throne.

In December 2021, Stellar Monarch 2 was released in Early Access on Steam. Since then the developer released dozens of updates, steadily moving towards the version 1.0 launch. Updates introduced bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and some included new features.

Heading into full release, all Early Access save files are incompatible with the full release. Beta Early Access branches will stick around for a month allowing

Stellar Monarch 2 is available now on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99 USD. A 10% off Introductory Offer promotion is available until October 10, 2022. For more information on Stellar Monarch 2 visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Stellar Monarch 2 – Trailer | Silver Lemur Games

Silver Lemur Games (@SilverLemur Twitter, @SilverLemurGames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie studio founded by Chris (Krzysztof) KoŸmik in 2005. The studio is accompanied by long term contractors and a few volunteers that aim to bring joy and fun to players while specializing in turn-based strategies and RPGs for PC. Previous titles released by the studio include Stellar Monarch, Automobile Tycoon, and Legends of Amberland.