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Andromeda Acolytes Sci-fi Text Adventure Fully Funded

Heiress Software, the interactive fiction label for Wade Clarke, have had the multi-chapter sci-fi text adventure, Andromeda Acolytes, fully funded. After a nearly month-long campaign on Kickstarter, the project finished at 102% funding.

According to Clarke’s post on the Kickstarter campaign page, he was reading the Sydney Morning Herald during lunch when his phone beeped with news on his project. Andromeda Acolytes had been fully funded.

A total of AU$14,372 or roughly $10,000 in US dollars was raised from 250 backers. According to data from Kicktraq, the average pledge per backer was AU$57 or roughly $40 in USD. In the last two days of the Kickstarter campaign, the project received roughly one-third of the total funding request.

The big multi-chapter, multi-PC adult sci-fi text adventure game, Andromeda Acolytes, brings back the long form text adventure genre seen in 1980s and early 1990s. Taking place in Marco Innocenti’s Andromeda universe, the game explores a self-contained story of four heroines on the planet Monarch. Each heroine finds themselves pulled into each other’s world after an accident awakens a mysterious power.

Clarke is “incredibly glad” that he achieved the set goal for the Kickstarter project. In the near future, backers may receive a survey discussing possible short and long term outcomes of the campaign. There were no stretch goals for the campaign as achieving the primary goal was the focus.

Andromeda Acolytes is planned for a 2025 release on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC. Chapter one of Andromeda Acolytes is available to play as a demo. The Andromeda Acolytes Steam page is available for players to wishlist and follow.

Heiress Software is an interactive fiction label created by Wade Clarke. The label’s first release was the 2015 horror title Leadlight Gamma. Currently the label is focused on the development of Andromeda Acolytes.

Wade Clarke (@aeriae Twitter) is a Sydney, Australia-based game author, visual artist, writer and musician. Clarke, whose musician moniker is Aeriae originally started making computer games as a young child on his then new Apple II+ computer. Since then Clarke has continued to create and help develop games.