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Roadwarden Fantasy Text-Based RPG Launches on Steam

Award-winning indie publisher Assemble Entertainment and solo developer Moral Anxiety Studio have released their illustrated text-based RPG, Roadwarden, on Steam.

Taking elements of high fantasy and mechanics of traditional RPGs, this isometric pixel art adventure features both the familiar and the unexpected in interactive fiction.

Stepping into the boots of the eponymous roadwarden profession, players will be exploring a grim hostile realm. Gameplay is driven by text-based scenarios. Players will make decisions based on the events occurring around them. This format presents a modernized take on the text-driven choose your own adventure genre.

Players have three character spec options: mage, scholar and warrior. The spec is based on what abilities are upgraded. A characters background story, personal beliefs, and personality are all up to the player as they shape their path. Does one go around the world being friendly or intimidating?

Tasked with spreading the Merchant Guild’s influence, players take off for an enigmatic peninsula. Dozens of NPCs may be encountered offering detailed dialogues and sidequests. Gain their trust to gain their support. Deploy whatever necessary tricks and schemes to understand this fantasy realm. With a little effort a sinister history might reveal itself.

Roadwarden is available on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $10.99/£8.29/€10.99. An introductory 10% discount offer is available until September 19, 2022. The previously released Roadwarden Demo is available to play for free on Steam.

Roadwarden – Release Trailer| Assemble Entertainment

Assemble Entertainment (@AssembleTeam Twitter, @AssembleTeam Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and publisher based in Wiesbaden, Germany. The company is also the organizer of GermanDevDays, a conference that allows game developers, industry experts, students, and visitors to network and make connections.

Moral Anxiety Studio (@MoralAnxiety Twitter, @MoralAnxiety Facebook, YouTube) is a solo development studio led by writer and designer Aureus. Based in Wrocław, Poland, the studio’s projects include Roadwarden, Tales From Windy Meadow, and the no longer available The Tavern.