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Andromeda Acolytes Sci-fi Text Adventure Nears 50% Funding

With only eight days left to back the multi-chapter sci-fi text adventure, Andromeda Acolytes, the Kickstarter campaign is now near 50% funding.

The Wade Clarke title under the interactive fiction label of Heiress Software now sits at over AU$6500 of the AU$14,000 goal or roughly $4600 of $9900 in US dollars. So far 143 backers have supported the Kickstarter campaign that ends at 7:01 AM PDT on August 24, 2022.

Billed as a big, multi-chapter, multi-PC sci-fi text adventure game, Andromeda Acolytes, brings back the long form text adventure genre from the 1980s and early 1990s. The game’s story takes place in Marco Innocenti’s Andromeda universe where it explores a self-contained story of four heroines on the planet Monarch. Each of the four heroines are drawn into each other’s orbit in the aftermath of an accident that awakens a mysterious power.

Clarke wants to exploit “all the possibilities” of the text adventure genre to create this multi-chapter adult narrative and gaming experience. Players will find themselves in a world of wonder and danger as they navigate and explore Monarch. From visiting abandoned cities to dealing with crime or being at an art exhibition, the story takes players through a compelling adventure.

Puzzles are woven throughout the story, however, it is psychology that drives the first-person narrative for each character. The first-person nature allows players to dive deep into the mindset of the given character.

Using Inform 7, a language specifically designed for creating interactive fiction, Clarke is programing the game himself. Over two years have been invested in the game, allowing for the establishment of the tech framework, addressing of conceptual and writing challenges, and up to chapter four of the game being programmed. The entire game, with exception of a zoomable graphic automap, is entirely text based.

I grudgingly admit to using graphics for the automap. Otherwise, it’s a one hundred percent parser and prose experience. I’m really happy with the response so far to my proposal to develop a completely modern entry in what’s probably the longest-lived computer game tradition.

Wade Clarke, Andromeda Acolytes Author and Developer

For the Kickstarter campaign, pledges start at AU$10 and go all the way up to AU$750 or roughly $8 to $500 in US dollars. A range of backer items are available at different tiers including name in the credits or a limited edition framed print based on the art of the in-game artist and chaotic character Halica Attanasova. Other backer reward items include a USB flash drive with engraved artwork, an art of Andromeda digital booklet, signed game poster, and the game itself.

Chapter one of Andromeda Acolytes is available to play as a demo.

Andromeda Acolytes is planned for a 2025 release on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC. The Andromeda Acolytes Steam is available for players to wishlist and follow.

Andromeda Acolytes Kickstarter Video | Wade Clarke

Heiress Software is an interactive fiction label created by Wade Clarke. The label’s first release was the 2015 horror title Leadlight Gamma. Currently the label is focused on the development of Andromeda Acolytes.

Wade Clarke (@aeriae Twitter) is a Sydney, Australia-based game author, visual artist, writer and musician. Clarke, whose musician moniker is Aeriae originally started making computer games as a young child on his then new Apple II+ computer. Since then Clarke has continued to create and help develop games.