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Project Warlock II PC Shooter Content Roadmap

Retrovibe and developer Buckshot Software released revealed a new content roadmap for their recently released PC shooter Project Warlock II. Busy working on Chapter 2, the development team is also taking time to address some of the most demanded player requests.

The gore-filled retro funhouse shooter released in Early Access on June 10. Since then two patches have released adding the highly requested reload option, nerfed the Necrogirl, and added various visual and gameplay fixes.

Project Warlock II - Roadmap | Retrovibe, Buckshot Software
Project Warlock II – Roadmap | Buckshot Software

Going forward the new roadmap for Project Warlock II reveals a lot of new information. Besides addressing the most frequent player requests, a Single Stage, Photo Mode, and new weapons upgrade system are on the horizon. The Single Stage mode along with two additional difficulty levels are next. Weapons rebalancing and modifications will follow, allowing for deeper customization options and giving players more band with their favorite weapon. Plus Levels, UI overhaul, and more game fixes are coming.

Players will soon be able to access and comment on beta branch builds. The development team wants to run the most significant and impactful changes by players. In these branch builds players will see experimental changes such as the overhauled weapons system, new game modes, additional music tracks, Photo Mode, and Chapter 2.

More details about the Early Access start and roadmap for Project Warlock II are available in a development update on Steam.

Project Warlock II is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Humble Bundle, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games Store for $16.99. Follow @Project_Warlock on Twitter for more information about the game.

Project Warlock II – Early Access Launch Trailer | Retrovibe

Retrovibe (@RetrovibeGames Twitter) is a publisher with a focus on delivering new indie games with a retro heart. Established in 2021, the publisher already has added several titles to its portfolio including JanosikJanosik 2B.I.O.T.A.Project WarlockProject Warlock IIThe Looter, and Shardpunk: Verminfall.

Buckshot Software (@PWarlock_Dev Twitter) is a six-person game development team that shares a love for retro shooters such as Wolfenstein, DOOM, and Quake. Led by Jakub Cislo, the self-taught game designer, programmer, and developer of the original Project Warlock, the team is busy working on Project Warlock II.

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