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Panic Mode New Update Adds Explosions

Independent game development studio MobiusCode released a long awaited update for their Early Access crisis management sim Panic Mode. The update, now available on Steam, adds fire, smoke, explosions, water, and ice to the 3D world full of hazards.

Cute lemming-like aliens known as Pammies have a knack for finding hazards. As a crisis manager, players will find their job even more difficult after this June update. Pammies can now be killed by five new elements and hazards via means of fire, smoke, water, ice, and explosions. Using the company’s latest contraptions, players can deploy a strategy to keep the workforce of Pamperümpel Industries safe from their own devices.

Be warned, Pammies will keep players on their toes. New levels in different locations such as Morale Locale and sever new objectives are featured in this update. Objectives like “Burn the back office for tax purposes” will keep any crisis manager busy.

This major update comes nearly one year after the Early Access release of Panic Mode and features more than eight new crisis management tools. There are 15 properties, that act as levels, in need of crisis-proofing. Corporate supervisors now have a noticeable amount of empathy. The initial safety management training, also known as the tutorial, has been revised. Camera controls have been revised and software input has received some upgrades.

A more complete list of changes in this June Panic Mode update can be found on Steam here.

Panic Mode is available in Early Access on PC for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux through Steam for $11.99. Follow @panicmodegame on Twitter or visit for more information.

Panic Mode – New Update Trailer | MobiusCode

MobiusCode (@mobius_code Twitter) is an independent game studio and software developer located in Munich, Germany. The studio, formerly Moebiusgames, develops games for desktop and mobile platforms. Xcylin is the studio’s own java-based engine and was used to develop Exotic Matter. Recently the studio has been expanding its team to include a variety of passionate developers who will develop their new Unity engine game Panic Mode.