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Panic Mode Crisis Management Sim Early Access Release

Independent game development studio Mobiusgames released their crisis management sim Panic Mode on Steam as an early access title. In a casual 3D world full of hazards, players try to save cute lemming-like aliens from disastrous fates.

Acting as a crisis manager, players work to save creatures known as Pammies. From dangerous disasters to unsafe buildings the universe is out to get the Pammies. Using an arsenal of shoddy, volatile, and convoluted contraptions as tools players will need to do everything in their power to protect and save the Pammies.

Every colorful location in Panic Mode is just another accident waiting to happen. Players will want to first set up their disaster prevention equipment in the workspaces of the Pammies. When activity begins, the tools available can be used to mitigate any calamities that would normally cause the Pammies to die.

Core features of the game include unique simulation moments in delightfully chaotic situations. Players will have satisfying puzzle solutions as they save the cute creatures. When disaster does rear its face, players can bare witness to chain reactions that more often than not involves fire.

Currently a free playable demo of Panic Mode is available on Steam.

Panic Mode is available in early access on PC for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux through Steam for $5.99 USD. A special 15% off early access release promotion runs until July 16, 2021. For more information about Panic Mode follow @panicmodegame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Panic Mode – Game Teaser | Mobiusgames

Mobiusgames (@mobius_code Twitter) is an independent game studio located in Munich, Germany. The studio develops games for desktop and mobile platforms. Xcylin is the studio’s own java-based engine and was used to develop Exotic Matter. Recently the studio has been expanding its team to include a variety of passionate developers who will develop their new Unity engine game Panic Mode.