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Necrophosis Nightmares Come to Life in New NVIDIA DLSS Comparison Trailer

Developer Dragonis Games has released a new NVIDIA DLSS Comparison Trailer for their next upcoming horror title Necrophosis. This new game takes players deep into a frightening world inspired by the unforgettable art of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński.

Recently a Necrophosis teaser trailer was released for Unreal Engine 5 game that showed off creepy and engaging gameplay. The Necrophosis NVIDIA DLSS Comparison Trailer cranks up the settings, showing off the graphics with different DLSS settings.

Using an 3070 RTX GPU on Ultra Settings at 2560 x 1440 as the base system specifications, the trailer went on to show various scenes with DLSS off, on quality, and on performance settings. At a quick glance nearly every scene had the same visuals. Only with further scrutiny could subtle detail changes be seen such as slightly different shadowing or sand lines on the ground from setting to setting.

The performance differences between each setting was significant. In the first scene for example that showed off an alien-ish skeleton with candles burning, the game was running around 64 FPS with DLSS off. When DLSS at quality settings the same scene hovered around 98 FPS. Then on DLSS Performance the scene stayed around 107 FPS.

In the previously mentioned trailer scene with DLSS quality setting, the visual differences negligible with minimal changes in the shadows highlights. The difference between DLSS off and on quality resulted in roughly a 34 FPS gain. During gameplay with active movement one could easily miss any graphical differences while benefiting from the substantial FPS gains of DLSS being on the quality setting. As seen by the numbers, even more FPS can be gained by switching to the performance setting.

To view the Necrophosis NVIDIA DLSS Comparison Trailer, check out the video down below or on the Dragonis Games YouTube channel.

Necrophosis Availability

Necrophosis is currently in development and will release on Windows PC via Steam. Players add the game to their Steam wishlist to keep up on the game’s development progress.

A Necrophosis demo is planned for release on May 10, 2024.

For more information visit the Necrophosis socials below or visit the game’s Steam product page.

Necrophosis – Official NVIDIA DLSS Comparison Trailer | Dragonis Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Dragonis Games

Dragonis Games is an independent game developer and self-publisher. Founded by Ares Dragonis, the Greece-based studio is comprised of a small development team. Titles in the studio’s portfolio include Eresys, The Shore, and the currently in development narrative horror adventure Necrophosis.