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Good Company Management Sim PC Full Release

The Irregular Corporation and independent game developer Chasing Carrots have fully released their PC factory management sim, Good Company. Exiting Early Access, the 1.0 launch release brings a variety of upgrades and changes including co-op multiplayer, full campaign, and demo.

Start with a humble workshop and build up a corporate tech empire. Become a production powerhouse. Research, design, develop, and market unique products. Manage delivery logistics by creating routes and automation lines. Dominate the market with goods, increase sales and make huge profits.

Players can act as a solo CEO or invite friends along for the journey. Financial success can be done by any method of the player’s choosing. One may opt to run a small lean boutique operation focusing on dependable revenues over the long term or one may opt for an explosive ever-expanding strategy to overwhelm the competition. No matter what happens, the business needs to stay afloat.

Full release comes a little over two years after the game launched into Early Access in March, 2020. A demo accompanies the full release giving players a chance to test their CEO skills. The demo features instructors that take players through the first two lessons.

In the 1.0 release comes a range of changes and additions. Cross platform multiplayer support is available. Friends can connect with each other and play together regardless of where they purchased the game. Players can start a Freeplay session with multiplayer enabled. Copy the game code from game chat or use the overlay to invite friends and begin the adventure.

More maps have been added to Freeplay and some maps have been expanded with additional buildings. Freeplay settings have expanded to include presets for new features and possible multiplayer settings. These changes allow for more freedom at the start, more advanced tech levels from the beginning, and higher budgets.

CEOs are no longer directly controlled by the player. They now act as regular employees. Players in a multiplayer session will contribute their own CEO character to the company. The full campaign including its final chapter and story conclusion. New achievements, performance optimizations, rebalancing changes, other additions, and hundreds of smaller bug fixes are included in the v1.0 release. Full release notes are available on the game’s website here.

Good Company is now available on Windows PC from Humble Bundle, GOG, Steam, and Epic Games Store for $24.99/ €22.99 / £19.99. Visit the game’s website at

Good Company – Launch Trailer | The Irregular Corporation

Chasing Carrots (@Chasing_Carrots Twitter, @ChasingCarrotsGames Facebook, @ChasingCarrots Twitch) is a game developer located in the southern Germany city of Stuttgart. The self-funded studio draws inspiration from sources of all kinds to create games that they find delicious and tasty. Titles from the studio include Cosmonautica, Pressure Overdrive, Good Company, and Heart of Scrap.

The Irregular Corporation (@IrregularCorp Twitter, @theirregularcorp Facebook) is an independent video game publisher. Based in London, the publisher features a team spread across the world. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans whose focus is creating and supporting original games for niche markets and communities, the company provides finance, development and publishing support for games.

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