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Good Company Management Sim in Early Access

Chasing Carrots and publisher The Irregular Corporation have released their business tycoon management sim, Good Company, into early access. The quirky corporate sim is now available on Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam.

Players jump into the role of CEO for their very own company. Those familiar with the tycoon sim genre will be delighted with the challenging and rewarding gameplay as one grows their business empire. Staff management comes in many flavors. From the hiring of new team members to task delegation there are lots of things a player can order their staff to do. All of this is done in the powerful Logistics mode.

Who doesn’t like a mountain of money? As more complex tech products are designed and invented to quench the public’s thirst for new tech, the profits will soar.

The gameplay lets players set their own pace. One can grow their business slow and steady while another decides to rapidly expand and gobble up the markets. Players will need to watch and adapt to changing market demands to keep their profits and losses in check as they plan their next move.

A single-player Campaign Mode allows for ambitious CEOs to tackle difficult and rewarding scenarios and challenge maps that put their business skills to the test. Freeplay Mode lets players go out and shape their company to be whatever they want. No matter what happens, any successful company will be able to master the art of invention, automation, and expansion as they look to build a good company.

Good Company is available in early access at Humble Bundle, GOG and Steam for Windows PC for $24.99 USD. For more information about Good Company visit the game’s website at

Good Company Launch Trailer | The Irregular Corporation

Chasing Carrots (@Chasing_Carrots Twitter) is a game developer based in Stuttgart, a city in southern Germany. The self funded studio draws inspiration from all kinds of sources to create game creations that they find delicious and tasty. Other titles from the studio include Pressure Overdrive, Cosmonautica and Heart of Scrap.

The Irregular Corporation (@IrregularCorp Twitter) is a London based publisher founded by industry veterans whose focus is creating and supporting original games for niche markets and communities. Founded in 2015, the company provides finance, development and publishing support for games.

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