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Deck of Ashes DLC and Console Release Information

Buka Entertainment and developer AYGames announced an April console and DLC launch date for Deck of Ashes. Both the DLC and console launch will occur on the same day for the roguelike deckbuilding card battler.

In the new Tome of Dimensions DLC the brand new Sibyl the Dark Soul character is introduced. As a lonely individual, Sibyl is looking to bring her race back from extinction. Her abilities include a Deadly Shot, dealing critical hits with different arrowheads. She can strengthen her powers by resurrecting fallen enemies as skeletons.

When Sibyl enters the battle she brings two new effects: Fear and Hysteria. For example the Intimidation Hex card will apply Fear on an opponent and Hysteria if they are already afflicted by Fear. Hysteria causes the opponent to deal 50% less damage and take double damage lasting for one turn. Fear causes the opponent to deal 30% less damage. In combination with each these effects can deal devastating blows to enemies and their attacks.

For those unfamiliar with the tactical card battler, the game features five Outcasts that players may play. The goal is to strategically build a deck and destroy enemies in the procedurally generated ever-changing world. Each character has over 100 cards to choose from creating nearly endless possibilities. Various monsters classes and unique biomes will affect characters in different ways creating varying and challenging gameplay.

Set to a hellish fantasy world theme, the Ash Curse has decimated everything. In the gothic hand drawn game monsters and mutations roam the lands and it is up to a group of antiheroes to find redemption in this broken world.

The Tome of Dimensions DLC will be released on April 21, 2022, for $4.99. On the same day, the Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox for $24.99. This complete edition includes the new DLC.

Deck of Ashes is currently available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99. Visit or join the game’s Discord for more game information.

Deck of Ashes: Tome of Dimensions DLC – Announcement Trailer | AYGames
Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition – Console Announcement Trailer | AYGames

Buka Entertainment (@Buka_Ent_Games Twitter) is a publisher, distributor, and developer of video games. Since 1994 the Moscow, Russia based company has brought video games to all platforms. Beginng in 1996 the company also became a publisher. Currently Buka Entertainment is one of the biggest companies in Russia for publishing, localizing, console distribution and digital game distribution services.

AYGames (@AygamesO Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Russia with a goal of creating high quality and interesting games. The team features talented professionals looking to show off their skills to the world.

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