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nZen Offers a Relaxing Journey on Nintendo Switch

RedDeer.Games is wanting to guide players to a state of relaxation in a journey of mindfulness with nZen on Nintendo Switch. Let the stress of daily life melt away.

Learn how to calm the mind after a long day with this personal trainer and set of mindfulness exercises. Self-care is not just about eat well and getting enough sleep, it is also about alleviating stress from one’s mind.

The game helps to guide the stress away from users with harmonious music or calming ocean waves along with a voice that helps to focus on positive things. With affirmative quotes, the voice’s goal is to inspire and positively reinforce users during their mindfulness journey. In combination, these elements aim to create a relaxing experience for the user.

nZen Availability

nZen is available on Nintendo Switch for $9.99. A launch release sale with an 80% off discount runs through April 18, 2024. The game’s file size is 323 MB. Supported languages include English, Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

For more information visit the game’s product page on the Nintendo eShop.

nZen – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch | RedDeer.Games

Publisher and Developer Information


RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent game developer and publisher. RDG, according to Forbes, ranks the company among the Top50 Polish game producers and has been awarded as one of the “Fastest Growing Gamedev Company in Central Europe”. Founded in 2018, RDG has quickly grown its portfolio to include a wide range of titles such as Floogen, NachoCado, Garden Buddies, Sprout Valley, Swords & Bones, Trash Quest, One Night: Burlesque, Little Mouse Encyclopedia, She Wants Me Dead, The Smurfs Learn and Play, Warhammer 40,000: Dakka Squadron, and Uzzuzzu My Pet – Golf Dash.