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Timberborn Update 1 Sends Beavers Underground

Polish independent developer Mechanistry released the first large content patch, Update 1, for their beaver city builder Timberborn. This update sends beavers underground and into the human ruins scattered across the drought-stricken world.

There’s scrap in them there human ruins. In fact they are rich in scrap and it is all ready to be mined for metal. The beavers of this post-human post-apocalyptic world can smelt down this metal and used it in advanced buildings. Included in the patch is the new mechanized water pump. Both dams and reservoirs can now be built on elevated terrain with the addition of vertical pumping.

Water gameplay has seen more adjustments with water wheel changes. The basic water wheel is a Folktails-only building. Two new building the Compact Water Wheel and Large Water Wheel can be built by only the Iron Teeth faction. With variable HP output, waterwheels if placed well will be even more effective than before. Several tweaks to the water physics system have been implemented as well as the Water Marker being renamed the Steam Gauge that also indicates the water’s current strength.

New goods, resources, and resource-processing buildings are available in addition to others being updated. Chestnut Trees, Cattails, and Spadderock offer new resources for gathering. Pines now offer pine resin and Maples allow for the gathering of maple syrup. The new Wood Workshop build allows for treated planks from planks and pine resin.

Like the farmhouse, the aquatic farmhouse when employed, allows for the growing of catttail and spadderdock. This building can only be placed in shallow waters. Trapper’s Shack allows employed beavers to gather pine resin and maple syrup from nearby trees. The Grill, Gristmill, and Bakery have all been updated allowing for different recipes to be picked and to reflect the new recipes added for the new food resources.

Life is hard as everything is about the colony’s survival. To keep up moral new attractions are available such as mud baths. Swimming pools have arrived in the form of the Lido building and satisfies the fun requirement. Plus there is a new secret building, totally not seen in the feature trailer, that has arrived just in time for the holidays.

Several other items and changes have made their way into the Timberborn Update 1 including map updates, balancing changes, and bug fixes. Plus there is the new Observatory building that generates SP at a high rate.

Timberborn is available on PC for Windows and Mac through Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $24.99 USD. A 20% discount is available through the various digital winter sales. For more information about Timberborn follow @Timberborn on Twitter or visit the developer’s website here.

Timberborn Update 1 | Mechanistry

Mechanistry (@mechanistry Twitter) is an independent studio based in Poland. Currently the Mechanistry team features seven members who have been working remotely on the studio’s debut title Timberborn.