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6Souls 2D Platformer Jumps on to PC and Consoles

Ratalaika Games and developer BUG-Studio released their 2D platforming adventure 6Souls on PC and consoles. The digital release is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch and features a pixel art filled single player story about Jack and his dog.

Two adventure lovers, Jack and his faithful dog Butch, find a map one day. This map has details about the abandoned castle of the Clifford family. Naturally being down for adventure the two jump right into the search for potential treasure.

Quickly the two learn that getting inside the castle is not as easy as they thought. Making their way across the castle’s bridge puts them in danger as it collapses sending them below. Their only option is to enter through the basement where they discover the first soul who is in need of help.

The game features 10 main chapters with more than 80 levels in normal game mode. Difficult mode brings more than 120 levels. Chapters are complete with bosses and offers an interesting story presentation that unfolds with hidden secrets the deeper one dives. Eight different locations span the game’s story with their own unique features, challenges, and characteristics. Locations include: forest, castle dungeon, library, and laboratory.

Challenges are abundant in the game. From poisonous gas pipes in the laboratory to wind gusts on the balcony players will need to either maneuver around these obstacles or utilize them to their advantage. Be sure to watch out for the ceiling spiders and magical moving bookshelves.

6Souls is available on Windows PC through Steam for $4.99 USD. A 20% off PC release promotion runs until December 10, 2021, on Steam. The game is available on PS4 and PS5 from the PlayStation Store for $7.99 USD, Nintendo Switch for $7.99 USD, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from Microsoft for $7.99 USD. More information about 6Souls can be found on developer’s site here.

6Souls – Launch Trailer | Ratalaika Games

Ratalaika Games S.L. (@RatalaikaGames Twitter) is a 2013 founded video game company based in Villaquilambre, Spain. Currently Ratalaika Games publishes and ports games for all consoles including: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Their portfolio includes well over a hundred titles.

BUG-Studio (@BUG_Studio Twitter) is a developer for PC, mobile, and console games. Based out of Moscow, Russia, the studio utilizes the Construct2 and Construct3 engines to develop their games. The studio’s has a large portfolio includes: Etaria, Stoneback, Foxyland, Foxyland 2, One Escape, and 6Souls.