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Super Arcade Football Leaves Early Access

Independent game development studio OutOfTheBit released their fast-paced modern take on classic football games, Super Arcade Football. After being in Steam Early Access since 2016, the game is now fully playable with a range of improvements since the initial release.

Besides classic matches against the computer, players can take on other players online in the game. Additionally, players can play with four players locally via couch co-op. Match modifiers allow for unique and interesting variations that not only keep the game fresh, but offer exciting changes when playing with others. Some of the various modifiers include changing the size of the goal, adding turbo objects, and adjusting the game speed.

During the early access development phase, OutOfTheBit worked to make Super Arcade Football as accessible as possible. With simple controls anyone can pick-up and play the game. Other game changing features such as a Story Mode, additional pitches or fields that affect game conditions, custom tournaments, injuries, and weather conditions adds more to the classic style football title’s that came in year’s past.

Retro gaming fans will be delighted to know that Barry Leitch has provided the game’s soundtrack. Previously Leitch has worked on titles such as Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 and Horizon Chase Turbo. Adding more to the retro touch, the soundtrack was created in the .MOD format, a file format found on Amiga computers from the 1990s.

Super Arcade Football is available on Windows PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. A 40% launch promotion runs until September 13, 2021. A very early demo from the game’s original early access launch is available on the developer’s page. The game is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices. For more information about Super Arcade Football visit the game’s page on Steam.

Super Arcade Football – Steam Trailer | OutOfTheBit

OutOfTheBit (@outofthebit Twitter) is an independent game studio from Wimbledon, South London. Founded in 2008 by Ali Motisi, the studio started out by making digital versions of classic board and card games. After the success of some of their mobile titles, the studio began work on original IPs that include Super Arcade Football and Super Arcade Racing. Both games were built using the inhouse custom engine CerealBox.